April 4, 2016

Buying Time | Presidential Campaigns & Private Jets

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Campaigning is hard. It requires months of stamina, as candidates hit stops from Iowa to Miami and back again, giving stump speeches, shaking hands, and sitting down with the media. On some campaign days, candidates angle for votes in places thousands of miles away. This necessitates some picking and choosing. Candidates must spend their time in the most efficient way possible to connect with as many voters as they can. We’ve seen it over and over. Bernie Sanders might choose to campaign in Seattle, while Hillary Clinton draws crowds in Milwaukee. Donald Trump heads to Florida, while Ted Cruz holds a rally in his native Texas. John Kasich takes his own path, canvassing the Midwest. For these candidates, private air travel is the height of convenience and efficiency.


In a race to win the ultimate private jet – Air Force One – private jet travel has become irreplaceable. The mainstream media seems to run an article or publish a story every few weeks about how “wasteful” Presidential candidates are by spending money flying privately. While flying privately is much more expensive than flying commercially – in an election as hotly contested as the 2016 Presidential race – time is the most scarce resource, not money. Essentially, private jets allow candidates to buy time. When you consider the ultimate return on investment being the White House – i’d say that it is money well spent. 


Anyone who has flown commercial knows how many hours are wasted without the aircraft in flight. You’ve probably spent an hour waiting for ticketing and security. Many have watched as overworked airline employees have delayed the flight for a few minutes or a few hours at a time. How many of us have missed our connection at some wayward airport because of a mechanical problem that kept the commercial flight grounded for an extra two hours? These are the realities of flying, and for the average Joe, they’re something we must put up with. But what if your ability to win a congressional or presidential campaign depended upon you being in the right place at the right time? For many people, this is the precise battle. The ability to save time is why candidates are choosing to fly private today.


Private air travel gives these candidates the chance to fly directly into airports small and big, allowing them to walk right off the tarmac and right into a campaign event. It’s why candidates are able to rally in multiple cities and even multiple states on the same day. In a campaign that’s crowded with places to be, it’s essential that candidates don’t waste away with the typical airport things that slow down the everyday traveler.


The ability to set schedules is also key for these candidates. Who wants to leave Chuck Todd of Meet the Press waiting to conduct an interview just because the baggage handlers at a commercial airport couldn’t get it together? And what would be the consequences of showing up late for a rally where 50,000 supporters had waited in the sun to hear a candidate speak. All of the candidates—Republican or Democratic—have logistical challenges to meet, with voters, staffers, vendors, and media all needing a little piece of time. When candidates fail to meet their obligations, they come off as unpresidential, unable to handle the stresses that might exist once they get into office. The risks are high, which is why so many candidates have chosen to take private jets to their most important stops.


Private jet travel allows for more than just convenience. It’s not like getting a pass in the line and boarding in the first group. It’s more than that. It’s a convenience that lets candidates arrive to their plane and leave within minutes. It lets them decide how much luggage they need with the certainty that it’s getting where they’re headed. It’s knowing that the jet they’ve chosen will be clean, ready, and mechanically sound, taking away the possibility that they’ll waste away in an airport without the ability to connect with constituents. For these candidates, control is everything, as their ability to get out the message is wholly dependent upon their ability to be at their promised destination at the right time.


Flying private is easier than ever for candidates today. When winning a campaign requires going quickly from stop to stop, a private jet can be the saving grace that improves a candidate’s timeliness and efficiency. It’s a cost that’s worth incurring for people who want to send the message that they’re serious about delivering on their promises to the constituents who are often so excited to hear the message. It’s the one thing this political season that doesn’t cut along partisan lines. Republicans and Democrats alike are taking advantage of the convenience and surety that comes with private jet travel.


Vault Aviation has worked with multiple Presidential campaigns during this election cycle to assist them on their private travel needs. If we could potentially be flying the next President of the United States – I think its safe to say Vault Aviation could take care of anyone and everyone. Request a quote today and receive the Presidential treatment. 

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