12 Days of Christmas? Try These 12 Holiday Destinations with Vault Aviation

Christmas is right around the corner, which means there are events going on all around the US! From tree lightings to parades, holiday markets to children’s events, even some galas and balls – you don’t want to miss out on this once-a-year beauty and fun.

Vault Aviation loves this time of year and believes we all deserve the chance for a winter getaway to enjoy some holiday cheer. Check out our list of 12 holiday destinations and fly with a private jet charter this year to make the season bright.

Dallas for Their Holiday Tree Lighting

Dallas is beautiful all year round, both the city and the weather, but did you know they have a grand holiday tree lighting ceremony as well? They light up not only their holiday trees, but many streets and buildings as well, making Christmas light-looking in Dallas and its suburbs a great experience for the holidays. And of course, the best way to arrive is in style – on a private jet charter to Dallas!

SantaCon Boston

If you’ve never been to a SantaCon, or seen one, then Boston is the city for you this holiday season as they have their 2019 SantaCon in December and it’s sure to bring a smile to your face! Enjoy the festivities, food, and fun of the SantaCon with the whole family and experience Boston like never before.

New York Has It All

New York City truly has it all for Christmas, from central park to markets and lights, shopping, shows, and Santa galore; this city is a must-see during the holidays. Experience the Big Apple from the skies and the streets; avoid the busy lines at the airport and the added traffic, by arriving in a private jet charter to New York City.

Miami Lights & Events

Hate the cold? Then take a private jet charter flight to Miami this holiday season and be a true snowbird. Even though the weather is mild, that doesn’t mean the city doesn’t go all out for their Christmas and holiday celebrations! Check out their monthly calendar to find the best holiday events while you’re there, but make sure you take the time to soak up the sun as well, with temperatures usually hovering around 70 degrees.

Houston’s Mistletoe Market

Houston might have great shopping all throughout the year, but their Mistletoe Market, a US adaptation to the European Christmas markets, will certainly bring a smile to your face and a few new gifts for under your tree! Wander through to peruse and pick up some festive snacks along the way. But don’t fight the holiday crowds at the airport, use our Houston private jet charters instead.

Denver’s Parade of Lights

Denver is a popular winter destination for its skiing and slopes, but it’s also great for seeing the beautiful lights on display during their Parade of Lights! Want more adventure? Aspen, Vail, and surrounding cities have holiday events and great winter sports as well, so you can always be entertained.

Chicago’s Shopping & Parks

Chicago often gets snow in December, which makes it a beautiful Christmas destination, plus with its many parks and shopping centers, you’ll get your fill of lights and merrymaking both inside and out. Whether you’re a fan of the cold in the Windy City, or not, there is something waiting for you in Chicago – have a private charter waiting for you too!

Las Vegas Christmas Town

Las Vegas has something for everyone, from shows to food, shopping to parties. But Las Vegas is known for being extravagant, which is exactly what their wonderful winter land of Christmas Town is all about. So, after the shows and shopping, visit the Las Vegas Christmas Town and be transported back to your childhood. But remember first to transport yourself to Las Vegas with a private jet charter from Vault.

LA Black & White Christmas Ball

If you are looking for an upscale event where you can dress up and stay up, then consider Los Angeles. Not only does the city have a wealth of activities all year round, but they also have their annual Black and White Christmas Ball in December. Enjoy the city by day and the party by night with this great Christmas destination.

Washington DC

Our capital has beautiful lights (and often a blanket of snow, too). Check out the Enchanted Christmas light show, Candlelight Tours, or the Holiday Boat Parade along with many other events throughout the month and the city. See the museums and history by day, and the holiday lights by night in this winter wonderland for all ages.

Bernville, Pennsylvania’s Christmas Village

The Koziar Christmas Village is truly something to see – and this year they celebrate over 70 years of it! This Christmas Village has grown to engulf the entire town now, all with lights, shows, and music. But don’t take our word for it – be there this year with a private jet charter and see for yourself!

Need a Sleigh to Your Favorite Christmas Destination or Holiday Party?

Don’t deal with the traffic and the headaches, instead, take a private jet charter to your final destination, get closer, and have more time to relax and celebrate with Vault Aviation.

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