Top Island Travel Destinations Via Private Jet Charters

Travel destination trends change every year – one year it’s all about a private jet charter to the Philippines and the next Bali. But keeping up with the top travel destinations around the world is not only fun and informative but can give you travel inspiration for the year to come!

Vault Aviation loves to take this time of year to look back on the top travel destinations, our favorites, as well as try to predict what is yet to come. And because private jet charters have more options of airports to fly into (with many more airports around the world being private rather than public) your travel options truly are unlimited with our On Demand private jet charters!

Here are the top island travel destinations via private jet charters for 2019!

Crete is a Top Private Jet Destination for Good Reason

Did you know that Crete averages over 900 private jet arrivals each year? This makes it one of the top travel destinations for private jet charters and owners. And with the beautiful beaches, mountains, and exciting culture (not to mention the amazing food) this will probably continue to be one of the top luxury travel destinations for years to come!

Barbados Sees Over 1,200 Private Jet Flights Per Year

Barbados is a true paradise with its tropical Eastern Caribbean feel and its laid back atmosphere. And even though this is a popular resort area and sees thousands of cruise ships a year – it is still relaxing, beautiful, and serene (if you know where to go to avoid the crowds in Barbados).

Malta is a (Not So) Hidden Gem

Malta used to be just a speck of tourism, but it has gained popularity in recent years and its amazing culture, architecture, and weather has only helped to inflate its approval. Though it is a tiny Mediterranean island, it’s a common location for second (or third, fourth…) homes due to its great real estate market and amazing views!

Haven’t been yet? Talk with Vault Aviation about adding Malta to your 2020 destination list with a private jet charter, they see around 1,200 private jets a year!

US Virgin Islands – Closer to Home, But Still a World Away

Over 2,000 private jets land in the US Virgin Islands each year, making it one of the top destinations by private jet, as well as one of the best vacation spots if you want to escape the cold. From touring the ruins of 400 year old churches and plantations, to hiking, relaxing, shopping, and more – these islands have it all, with the scenery and serenity that goes along with the Caribbean.

And if you are concerned about the safety of some Caribbean destinations, then rest assured that the US Virgin Islands are at Level One by the state department – meaning there is no elevated risk!

San Juan in Puerto Rico is Picturesque Perfection

San Juan might be known for the vibrant colors of the shops and homes, but did you know it sees almost 3,500 private jet flights a year? That makes it one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean!

From the restaurants to the beaches, casinos to clubs, there is something here for everyone. And if you are interested in San Juan’s colorful streets – check out this helpful guide to finding the very best spots in San Juan for photos!

Ibiza is A-Buzzing All Summer Long (& It’s a Long Summer in Spain)

Ibiza sees over 5,000 private jets a year, and with the constant ‘Las Vegas with beaches’ vibe all through their busy season, it’s understandable why! Ibiza sees musical artists headlining each of their many clubs almost every night (even weeknights) throughout the summer.

So, if you have an artist or DJ you love, who is spending their summer at the Ibiza Hardrock or one of the other clubs (some of which are 24-hours), then contact your Vault Aviation team to take a private jet charter.

Prefer to stay more local? One of our favorite On Demand private jet charter destinations in the US is Las Vegas, and with their all-night clubs and pool parties – it’s a great option for the Ibiza feel without the visa!

The Bahamas Are Calling

Of all the islands mentioned, the Bahamas blows them out of the water with over 16,000 private jet arrivals every year! This location is great for families and couples, or even singles or groups to enjoy the surf, sun, and sand!

Need help planning your Bahamas getaway? Ask your Vault Jet team member and they’ll be happy to put together a great itinerary!

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