6 Things to Know Before Your Private Jet Flight

The world of private jet travel might be common for some, but everyone had a ‘first flight’ at some point, which means everyone had to learn etiquette and norms at some point. But we decided to make it easy for any first or new private jet flyers by compiling 6 things to know before you charter a private jet!

From private jet charter etiquette to common concerns and questions – Vault Aviation has got you covered!

1. Yes, Private Jet Charters Are As Safe As ‘Normal’ Air Travel

No need to worry, private jet charters are just as safe (if not safer) than commercial air travel. This is because of the many ways private jet charters are vetted and checked before flights, as well as having their crew and pilots checked and approved.

Plus, you know who and what is on the plane with you – a much smaller group of individuals you know – which adds security, privacy, and enjoyment.

2. Let the Host Set the Tone

Did you charter this flight or did your business, boss, or friend? It is common etiquette that the person paying for the flight, or who coordinated it, gets their choice of seat and will set the tone of the flight. Is this a work trip or for leisure? Will it be music, drinks, and conversing, or reading, napping, and relaxation?

Additionally, if you are a guest on a private jet with extra amenities like a shower or bed, those are for the host unless offered to you.

3. Be Honest About Your Flight Experience

Don’t worry if your host or others in your group have more private jet experience than you do – that’s fine, just don’t swing too far the other direction and overdo it by getting too excited either. A nice, happy medium is always the best choice.

Just like most situations in life, be polite, be gracious, be grateful, and you’ll have no troubles.

4. Some Of The Rules Are More Flexible…Except the Ones Put In Place By the Host or the Captain

Though you still have to abide by the FAA rules and regulations, there is more flexibility when flying private. Of course, stay away from illegal activities, as those are still illegal in the air. But truly, one of the wonderful things about private air travel is that it is up to that flight to decide what is ok and what is not.

Standing, walking, the use of electronic devices or cell phones, pets, drinks, food, masks, and so on – you have a lot more freedom on a private jet charter than you do on commercial airlines.

5. Be Aware of Timing

If you are told to be somewhere at a certain time and you are a guest and not the host, then be sure to stick to that timeline. Usually, 30 minutes before departure time is a good ballpark to arrive.

However, if this is your private jet charter, and something comes up, just reach out to Vault Aviation and let us know – we can absolutely be flexible with you and make your timelines work!

6. Be Respectful of the Crew

Yes, the crew is there to serve you, but being respectful and keeping your manners shows a world of class. It is also common to bring a small gift for the host if you are a guest on the flight or leave a tip for the pilot or crew.

Though not required or expected, these don’t have to be large showings, but a nice bottle of wine for your host or a tip up to 5% for the Captain isn’t uncommon.

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