9 Benefits of the MAX Jet Card

We have talked about Jet Cards VS Full Ownership VS Charters before, but we haven’t ever spoken to the point of what makes a Vault Aviation MAX Jet Card more than just ‘another jet card’. But there are some serious benefits.

We saw a problem with the Private Jet Charter industry, not only in how it was run, but problems in how their reward programs or ‘jet cards’ were handled as well. So, just like we coined and improved On Demand Jet Charters, we also created an improved private jet card that gets you MAXimum flexibility, MAXimum security, and MAXimum value.

And we aptly dubbed it the MAX Jet Card. Learn more about the benefits exclusive to our Vault Aviation MAX Jet Card below.

Access to All Cabin Classes & All Aircraft

No more trying to fit 8 people on a 6-person jet because that’ll all that’s available. And no more having to use a Heavy for a trip that should be done with a more comfortable Midsize.

The MAX Jet Card guarantees that we will be able to get you the cabin class you want, the aircraft size you need, and all without the hassle of a multi-company runaround. Because Vault Aviation is full service, meaning we do it all – you merely need to show up.

Fixed Hourly Rate Maximums

Some of our clients think this sounds strange – after all, why would you want to have a set maximum? Because then there are no surprises. We have fixed hourly maxes, and we make sure you know exactly what they are.

This means you will only ever pay that amount or less, not the other way around. This also helps us guarantee you get the best rates, as we negotiate these maximums before you ever take off with the private jet owner or company.

No cost surprises, ever.

Free Cabin Class Upgrades When Available

Just because we get you the best rate, doesn’t mean you cannot have the best flight experience. In fact, whenever available, Vault Jet negotiates you to have a cabin class upgrade (if desired by the client) for free.

This means you will never have a jet that is less than you expected, and you will always be blown away by the cabin class you get, either by it meeting your original specifications, or by it going above and beyond.

Think of it as the inverse to our rate maximums – you’ll never get a higher price than you were expecting, and you’ll never get a lower cabin class than you were expecting. We think that’s the perfect mix.

Never Any Blackout Dates

Vault Aviation guarantees that we will never have ‘blackout dates’, after all, what’s the point of having the freedom and flexibility of a jet card if you cannot use your flights or funds when you want?

This was one of the largest issues we encountered with the Jet Card programs from other companies, and this is the largest issue we decided to fix.

Guaranteed Mechanical Recovery

If there is a mechanical issue – that isn’t your problem, it’s ours. And that means you will not be delayed or have your flight canceled due to mechanical issues or staffing. We will always find you another jet to get you where you need to be, when you need to be there.

One of the benefits of private jet charters over full or partial ownership is the fact that you don’t have to deal with mechanical issues – and we think Jet Cards should offer that same benefit.

Never Any Membership Fees

At Vault Aviation, we think membership fees are unfair, and we think our clients shouldn’t be treated unfairly. That means our MAX Jet Card will never have any hidden fees, yearly payments, or membership fees.

Instead, you merely load your card and use it. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? We don’t think Jet Cards need to be complex to be good.

Always Available, Guaranteed

Vault Aviation puts our clients first, which means we put communications with you first as well. If you need us, if you have a change or an issue or even just a question – we will be there to help.

The Vault Aviation team is a family, and we believe in treating our clients like family as well, that’s why we have the best reviews in the industry, and the best guarantees to back up our promises.

Your Funds Never Expire

Some Jet Cards make you use your funds in a certain time period – but your cash never expires, so why should it once it’s within your jet card account? We thought that sounded like a scam, and unlike many private jet charters, we don’t try to trap you into business with us. Instead, we treat you so well, we know you’ll come back.

That’s why we made your funds never expire on your MAX Jet Card because your money shouldn’t lose value just because it ages.

Your Balance in Your Account is Fully Refundable

Along the lines of ‘expiring funds’, another major issue in the Jet Card industry is that your funds are locked in, or held hostage, once you load them into your account or onto your card. Often, you aren’t allowed to withdraw your own funds, or, if the company lets you, the charge you a fee – for your own money!

Vault Aviation never charges fees, and never holds your money hostage on your MAX Jet Card. Instead, you can refund your balance at any time, add more, add less, or use it for other purposes.

That just made sense to us.

If refundable balances, no fees, guaranteed availability, and no blackout dates make sense to you as well, then maybe it’s time you ditch your old private jet charter company and try Vault Aviation and our MAX Jet Card program instead.

Learn more here, browse our blog for more tips and destinations, or contact us today and Fly Like a Champion with Vault Aviation.