The Best Private Jet Companies for Each Type of Ownership & Membership [2021]

Private Jets bring to mind luxury, ease, enjoyment, and flexibility, but this is only the case if you work with a company that values and pursues these benefits. Private air travel is becoming increasingly popular, which means there are many companies offering private jet fractional or full ownership, charters, and rentals – but not all are created equal.

Some private jet companies have been around for a long time…and have failed to innovate. Some private jet companies are brand new and still working out the kinks in their business plan and client service. But there are some private jet companies (new and old) that have got it right and strike the perfect balance between innovation and experience, service and adaptability, luxury and value.

As one of the premier Private Jet Charter Companies in the Dallas area and across the United States, Vault Aviation wanted to give our curated list of the best Private Jet Companies to work with to ensure your entire experience – from the first point of contact to booking, boarding, and landing – is just as luxe and smooth as it should be. Whether you are looking for a private jet charter, membership plan, fractional or full ownership – this list can help.

The Best Private Jet Companies in 2021

The Grandaddy: NetJets

NetJets is a good option if you are looking for fractional ownership (see the benefits and drawbacks to this type of ownership here). They also offer jet card programs but aren’t known for them.

But if their jet card programs aren’t all that amazing, then why are they at the forefront of everyone’s mind when we hear ‘private jets’ – well, because they’ve been around for over 50 years! That’s why they are the granddaddy of private jet companies.

So, if you are looking for fractional ownership options, consider reaching out to NetJets for a reliable service that is backed by more years than nearly any other company out there and over 750 jets.

The Salesman: James Edition

If you are looking to outright buy a preowned private jet with full ownership (see the benefits and drawback to this type of ownership here) then consider this widely trusted broker – James Edition.

Though you should always do your own research depending on your needs and preferences, James Edition is often considered one of the most popular private jet resellers for preowned private jet planes. You can use the filters if you have a specific requirement, like size, make, or model – but there is no guarantee that you’ll find what you are looking for, or that it will be in your best interest, price point, or area.

It is also of note to mention that you should be sure that full ownership is the way to go, meaning, you will be using the jet enough to justify the initial investment and the ongoing maintenance, etc.

The Shiny New: Embraer

If you do not want preowned, then you have many options for your brand new private jet – as there are many makes and manufacturers out there. However, one that has consistently stood out due to its ability to create exactly what its customers want, is Embraer.

Whether you want a light jet or something larger, Embraer makes it easy to ‘create’ your jet online. But don’t go it alone, make sure you talk with your financial advisor and Embraer staff to help make the process smooth and ensure you get what you want, at the price point you want.

Buying preowned can be significantly less expensive, but then you usually have to renovate or change a number of features to match your needs and style. So make sure you have done the math to see if preowned or brand-new make sense for you.

And, of course, make sure you will be using your jet often enough (at the very least, multiple times a week) to warrant such a cost.

The Member: VistaJet

VistaJet has been around for over 15 years, which means they have worked out many of the kinks in their membership-based plans for private flight.

Memberships are a good option if you know the exact number of hours you will need a private jet for, and the type of jet you will want to use. This way you can choose the correct plan for your needs with the right available aircraft.

VistaJet has a large arsenal of private planes to choose from, which is very helpful if you know what you want, when, and to where, and you have consistency within your needs. But if your needs change from year to year (103 hours of flight one year, only 74 the next year, 152 the next, etc.) then choosing a more flexible option may suit your needs best.

On Demand Private Jet Charters: Vault Aviation

Whether you want to fly once a week or once a year, Vault Aviation offers the most flexibility at the best price. No maintenance, no initial investment or purchase, no membership fees or hours to use up – we took every negative that other private jet options struggled with, and fixed them.

Just like you can call an Uber, order a movie or a pizza with a few clicks, or a phone call, you can do the same with Vault – except we don’t treat you like ‘just a call’. We want to make you a client for life, which is why we are known for our luxury, our client care, our flexibility, and our knowledge in the industry.

We are your total broker, meaning, we can find you any aircraft, anytime, to anywhere. We want to be the last private jet charter broker you ever call.

Contact us today & learn what it means to Fly Like a Champion on Vault Jets.