The Best Winter Destinations Around the US [& How to Get There]

Everyone has different feelings about winter weather, shorter days, and the drop in temperatures, but Vault Aviation knows that an On Demand private jet charter makes everything better!

Whether you are looking for a way to escape the cold, or revel in it, we have some great options for our favorite winter destinations around the US! Don’t see your preferred location, don’t worry, we fly everywhere in comfort and style.

Flee Winter with a Private Jet Charter to Miami

If winter isn’t your favorite season and skiing’s not your favorite sport, then consider ditching winter altogether and fleeing somewhere that’s always warm – like Miami! With our private jet charters to Miami, there are never blackout dates, holiday spikes, or long lines, just you, the beach, and your own personal getaway.

Whether you want to relax or enjoy the nightlife, Miami has a little something for everyone, and with our MAX Jet Card, you can enjoy frequent flights at a low rate, even over the holiday rush!

Did you know that ‘Snowbird Season’ in Florida is November through May? That means the flights are often busy, the airports packed, and the lines even longer than in the spring, summer, or fall. Save yourself the hassle and the wasted time at the commercial airport and fly like a champion with Vault Aviation.

Embrace Winter with a Private Jet Charter to Denver

Some people deal with the winter blues by embracing winter (not fleeing it) and Denver is a great location for these individuals. Unfortunately, many others have that same idea, as the busiest time to hit the slopes is January and February in Colorado.

Make sure you aren’t wasting hours of your prime ski and snowboarding time waiting to board, taxi, takeoff, taxi again, and deplane. Instead, use a private jet charter to Denver, Vail, or Aspen and avoid the extra baggage fees and ‘large item’ fees too!

Win Winter with an On Demand Jet Charter to Las Vegas

Maybe you aren’t looking for a beach or a mountain, but just a fun (warm) time in the city where there are always games to play, sights to see, and shows to watch! Vault Aviation loves making winter trips to Las Vegas, and there’s no better way to show up in style than with an On Demand private jet charter!

Of course, just because Las Vegas doesn’t get snow, doesn’t mean skimping on the holiday decorations – take a look at the lights, larger-than-life trees, and enjoy the many holiday-themed parties too. A trip to Las Vegas can literally make you ‘win winter’ so enjoy the mild weather and wild nights, the grand shows and amazing food, and have yourself a merry little holiday season this year with Vault Aviation.

View Winter with a Private Plane to New York City’s Holiday Markets & Lights

New York City is where many of our minds go when we think of winter lights and holiday celebrations. Whether this is due to the NYE Balldrop every year in Time’s Square, or the many holiday movies with a backdrop of this towering city – New York and the holidays seem to be synonymous.

So why not be in NYC this year on a private jet charter?

Bundle up and see the big city lights (and Christmas lights) of one of the most iconic winter cities in the world. Enjoy the many holiday markets, the snow covered central park, or a ride in a carriage this season. Sure, NYC is cold, but arriving in your On Demand private jet charter will make the whole trip easier, seamless, and a real treat.

Want to Visit Colorado, New York, Law Vegas or Miami This Winter on One of Our On Demand Private Jet Charters?

Vault Aviation makes your luxury, private air travel easy, enjoyable, and economical. We are here all through the holidays, and all through the winter weather, so contact one of our knowledgeable and friendly team members today to start on your next private plane journey!

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