The Fastest Private Jets Right Now [Mach 0.925 & Above]

Private jets charters can be faster than commercial airlines in a multitude of ways: from less waiting in lines, closer airports, faster boarding to take-off times, even actually flying faster (the Bombardier Global 7500, Mach .925, can fly 982 km/hour). This means you get more of your precious time, the one thing that money can’t buy.

Vault Aviation wants you to have more time to do what you want, and less time traveling from place to place. Whether it’s for a vacation, meeting, conference, or the big game – we want to get you there faster and in luxury.

Check out the amazing leaps that Private Jet Charters have made in speed and luxury, and see our list of the fastest private jets right now!

Mach 0.925 Private Jets:

Bombardier Global 7500

With a top speed of Mach 0.925 (982 kilometers per hour) Bombardier Global 7500 is tied for 2nd (along with 2 other Mach 0.925 private jets) as one of the fastest private jet models on the market today. This powerful jet can get you from coast to coast (like LA to NYC) in under 4 hours. That saves you anywhere from 1 to 3 hours per flight when compared to commercial in-air time, not to mention the hours saved by not arriving 2 hours early, waiting in lines, waiting to board, waiting to take off, waiting to de-plane, etc.

Do you fly often? Then think of how those hours can add up. A faster jet (and a private jet experience instead of commercial flight) can quickly give you multiple days back!

The Bombardier Global 7500 private jet has a range of 7,700 nmi (nautical miles) or 14,300 km. That makes international flights a breeze as well. New York to Hong Kong? Seoul to LA? This powerful and efficient jet offers non-stop capabilities with an impressive combination of range, speed, and comfort.

The Bombardier Global 7500 has the capability to fly your entire team wherever they need to be, too. With seating for up to 19 passengers, this is a great option for political teams, sports teams, or corporate teams headed to a conference.

Flying overnight? The Global has 4 suites and a special Crew suite for extra privacy. The Master has a permanent bed and a stand-up shower, so you won’t even feel like you’re flying. Only flying for work? Then the Conference suite, which can seat a team of 6, is the perfect location for your next meeting, including a conference table and wall-mounted TV.

Gulfstream G500

The Gulfstream G500 is a twin jet that also boasts a top speed of Mach 0.925. However, it has a slightly shorter range of 5,200 nmi or right around 9,600 km. If you are looking for speed with a little less space, or if you’ll be staying domestic, then the Gulfstream G500 is a great option.

This private jet can accommodate 13 passengers with quiet cabins, panoramic views, and state-of-the-art communication systems. This awarded private jet (2019 Flying Innovation Award for its technology and safety) is the perfect mix between comfort and power, speed and safety, as it can get you where you need to go fast, while enjoying the travel and keeping you safe along the way.

Innovation like the Gulfstream G500 (and its larger option, the G600) is exactly what Vault Aviation wants to see more of in the industry – and we are proud of the great strides in comfort, speed, and safety that Gulfstream has been pursuing for decades!

Of course, safety is one of our pillars at Vault jet, which is why Gulfstream is one of our favorite private jet creators.

Gulfstream G650 /650 ER

The Gulfstream G650ER is the current record-holder for the farthest, fastest flight in business history. It flew non-stop from Singapore to Tucson in just under 15 and a half hours, making their average speed over 950 km/h! That’s taking you around the world in under one good night’s sleep and an average workday.

Though the Gulfstream G650 has a top speed of Mach 0.925 just like the above two private jets, and a slightly lower range than the Bombardier Global 7500 (at 7,500 nm or 13,900 km) it holds the record for consistent speed and distance, and that’s nothing to sniff at.

The Gulfstream G650/650 ER is powered by two engines, each producing 17,000 pounds-force, which is a draw for many flyers. This private jet can seat 11 or 18 passengers, giving plenty of space for your group, whether you’re flying for business or pleasure. And with the full kitchen and bar, you’ll feel like you are in a sky-hotel more than on a private jet.

Mach 0.935 Private Jet

Cessna Citation X+

You asked and we provide – here is the fastest private jet as of right now!

It has been certified by the FAA at Mach 0.935 or just over 990 km/h! This private aircraft made by Cessna has a maximum range of 3,460 nmi (6,410 km) which is considerably less than the above options, but with the calling card of being the fastest private jet in the sky – those 6,000 miles will still get you far in less time. The Citation X is also powered by two engines and features a glass cockpit for maximum views.

The Cessna Citation X+ can seat up to 12 passengers in addition to a crew of 2. It also has extra-large and comfortable seats, a galley and large bathroom. And though this aircraft is a bit smaller, it makes up for it in speed. And with the modest price of just over 23 million, it is the least expensive private jet on this list!

Not looking to spend over 20 million on a quickly depreciating private jet? Consider private jet charters and fly on any plane at any time to any destination!

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