Fly Local! US Cities to Vacation at this Summer

This summer is looking very different from most, and though international travel is not the main focus for many, ‘local tourism’ is growing! As the U.S. economy looks toward home for some much needed boosts and stimulus spending, Vault Aviation wants to help by showcasing some of our favorite cities to visit without crossing any oceans!

In-country tourism, vacations, and trips may just be the best thing this summer, as staying closer to home, having less time on a plane, and helping our own cities survive COVID-19 are all positives. Along with the many closed borders of other countries, long quarantine rules, and other stressors of international flights – flying local, and private, is the theme of 2020 Summer travel plans.

On Demand Private Jet to Dallas this Summer

Dallas has a little bit of everything, and it remains one of Vault Aviation’s favorite cities – and not just because we are based out of downtown Dallas.

The food (even if it’s only for takeout), nature, weather, and history make Dallas a wonderful U.S. destination this summer. But make sure you avoid waiting in lines in the airport, or filing on and off a large plane filled with others, and instead fly with an On Demand private jet to Dallas from Vault!

We provide all different sizes, comfort levels, and price points for your private jet charter to or from Dallas Texas. So, whether you are a local or coming just for a visit – get here safely and in style with a private jet charter.

Private Planes to Chicago

Private planes to Chicago (or from) are another common route that Vault Jet flies. This is not only because Chicago has a booming business sector, but because the food, culture, and cityscape have a lot to offer.

Situated right on Lake Michigan with a beautiful boardwalk and Navy Pier, Chicago offers skyscrapers just a few minutes walk from the lake and parks. And with wonderful shopping, restaurants, and entertainment on the Magnificent Mile, everything a summer vacation needs is right in the heart of Chicagoland.

Though you could fly into O’Hare or Midway Airport, they are often busy and leave you with more travel time to get to your final destination in the city even after you land. Choosing a private jet charter to Chicago saves you time in the airport, and time on the drive, as there are many more private airports and airstrips than public or commercial ones. Simply let your Vault team member know where you are ultimately going, and we can work with you to find the perfect private plane, the perfect route to Chicago, and the perfect private airport to land in, ensuring your time is well spent on your Summer vacation, not wasted in city traffic.

Private Jet Charters to Denver

Denver is beautiful in the Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring – but we especially love hopping on a private jet charter to Denver in the Summer. The blue skies, mountain hikes, and fresh air are sure to bring you and your travel companions wonderful and healthy memories this year.

One of the largest trends we are seeing this Summer in travel, is the great outdoors! Not only because many indoor activities are suspended, but also because Summer is the season for being outside and enjoying the weather.

But, as with all great trends, crowds will follow. Make sure you avoid the crowds and maintain your social distancing by getting to Denver on a private jet charter instead of a jumbo commercial flight with too many passengers and not enough legroom. Even business class still shares the same air and can still have concerns about cleanliness and germs.

Upgrade your Summer vacation this year, and your destination, with a private jet charter to one of our favorite U.S. destinations.

And Fly Like a Champion!

Contact Vault Aviation for Your Next On Demand Private Jet Charter Flight – & Enjoy Your Summer in the U.S.