Future Plans to Fly [5 Travel Destinations You’ll Want to Visit ASAP]

We love traveling just as much as you do, so, instead of wallowing in our homes or binging another Netflix original, we decided to look to the future with these 5 travel destinations you’ll want to visit ASAP!

And, though we love our US locations and will want to show lots of local love once we are allowed to freely travel again, we have added in a couple of international options as well!

Your Top Travel Destinations After COVID-19

1. Relax in the Adirondacks of New York (Or Enjoy the Bustle of NYC)

After all the stress of social distancing, working from home, working out from home, and having your entire family all together under one roof for weeks, we think everyone will be on board for a relaxing trip somewhere other than your normal address.

The Adirondacks region of New York is beautiful year-round with mountains and lakes, forests, and trails, but that might just be the perfect scene for you to unwind. This spot is known for curling up with a book, suntanning, or going for nice leisurely walks around a crystal-clear lake. And we think that just might be the perfect breath of fresh air for you, your family, or your friends.

If you want an escape that that will renew you before the busy summer season or before going back to work on your normal schedule, then the Adirondacks are a perfect choice. And, of course, there’s no better way to get to this serene destination than with a relaxing private jet charter, so you can begin your vacation a lot sooner!

Want a little more excitement? Have big business travel lined up for the Big Apple? Vault Aviation absolutely loves NYC as well, and is excited to continue supporting one of our favorite US destinations. Contact us for a private jet charter to New York City!

2. Go International & Answer the Bahama’s Call

Of all the island destinations, the Bahamas often receives over 16,000 private jet arrivals every year! Beat that crowd once the airwaves open up again by getting to the islands as soon as possible with a private jet charter from Vault Aviation.

The Bahamas is a great location for families and couples, or even singles or groups to enjoy the surf, sun, and sand.

Don’t wait, contact us about your next island vacation today and we will work with you to look ahead to the summery and sunny future!

3. Go Anywhere in Beautiful Colorado

Colorado is truly beautiful whether you go to the mountains or the cities, the quaint towns, or the towering forests. And though Colorado is known for skiing, remember that Colorado has much to offer in the summertime as well!

From hiking to festivals, music at Red Rocks Amphitheater, or simply wandering Mesa Verde National Park of the Arkansas River parks, there is so much beauty to be seen in this lush state.

Of course, if your only form of entertainment the last few weeks during COVID-19 has been walking in the woods, and you now prefer shopping over hiking, then check out Denver, Breckenridge, Boulder, or Colorado Springs for a different take on Colorado’s diversity and beauty.

Some want bustle for their first vacation after the pandemic, some want relaxation – whatever your style, Vault Aviation can get you there!

4. See Iceland This Summer & Enjoy the Cool, Crisp Outdoors

If you live in the Midwest of the US, you might be missing the sun lately, but with the summer solstice in Iceland giving 24-hours of sunlight, the summer is a great and unique time to visit this sneakily named country.

Don’t let the name scare you off, because actually, Iceland is mild in the summer – it isn’t sunbathing weather (check out the Bahamas above if that’s your ideal vacation), but it does boast temperatures reaching up to 70 degrees in the summer months.

Check out these unique and beautiful areas, cities, and landmarks in Iceland this summer:

  • Reykjavik
  • Keflavik
  • Arnarstapi
  • Selfoss waterfall
  • Skaftafell waterfall

5. Take a Private Jet Charter to Maui, Hawaii

If Iceland is too far or too chilly, then consider something closer and warmer, but still different from your normal destination – then consider a private jet charter to Maui as your perfectly balanced getaway.

With over 30 miles of beach, a relaxed atmosphere, and the serene beauty we all crave on vacation, Maui is the perfect summer destination. Plus, many prices are discounted due to fewer tourists than usual.

Whether you want to lay on a beach reading a book or try surfing or snorkeling in Molokini, Maui is a great place to explore for the adventurous and the leisurely alike.

Have Another Destination in Mind? Business Travel Instead of Vacation? Contact Vault Aviation to Plan for the Future!

Soon, everyone will come together again, and that includes traveling to be with those we love, for work and for leisure. Vault will be here for you and your family, team, or business when we all get through this together.

So, contact us today and Fly Like a Champion the next time you fly!