Holiday Guide: On Demand Private Jet Charter Tips

This time of year often sees a jump in On Demand private jet charters trips. Whether it’s leaving the cold to relax on a Caribbean island, dashing to last-minute meetings before you take time off, or visiting family and friends across the country – the holidays almost always involve travel.

But why travel cramped on a commercial airline, or spend your vacation waiting in lines and on the runway? Instead, you could travel in comfort, make memories, and get there faster, with less wait time, with Vault Aviation and an On Demand private jet charter.

Even if you’ve never traveled by private aircraft over the holidays before, we can help make it a smooth and easy trip. Check out our Holiday Guide to On Demand Private Jet Charters and these 4 helpful hints!

Tip 1: Choose Your Private Jet Charter Company Well – Especially During the Busy, Holiday Season

This is the biggest one (hence, tip number 1) as it affects everything about your travel, enjoyment, even timelines and comfort!

Make sure the private jet charter company you work with is well connected, highly communicative, and professional with a long history of happy customers and a positive reputation. Because the last thing you want during the holidays is a delay, mistake, or a company who cannot follow through with what they have promised.

The holidays are hectic enough, choose a private jet charter company who will make your travel smooth and easy – choose Vault Aviation!

Tip 2: You Can Use a Sliding Departure Window If You Aren’t Sure on Timelines

Sometimes plans change during the holidays; you think you want to arrive at 11, but end up needing it to be 12, you think you’ll want to leave at 8 but change your mind at 6. Luckily, there’s something called ‘sliding departures’ with private jet charters which means you can make these changes and still make all your plans work.

All you have to do is communicate with your private jet charter company and let us know when you will be arriving and leaving (even if it changes multiple times) so we can make sure everything is ready and waiting for you on the runway. This is another reason why choosing a highly communicative On Demand private jet charter company is so important! You don’t want to be trying to communicate a change, just to get a busy signal or answering machine.

Vault Aviation prides ourselves on never delaying you – even if you get delayed at the holiday or family party anyways. So, just let us know when and where, and we’ll be there! When is the last time Business Class could do that for you?

Tip 3: Learn the Differences & Aircraft Available for Your Holiday Fight – You Could Upgrade

There are many different available aircraft (especially if you use a well-connected private jet charter company that can find you anything, any time of the year). So, go ahead and look into your options!

Do you want a small plane for just your immediate family? Or do you want to upgrade and pick up more family and friends along the way so you can all arrive together? Are you going on a holiday out of the country? We often recommend that the longer the flight, the larger the plane you should choose for optimal comfort. And, of course, take the number of flyers into account too, and their bags.

Plus, Vault Aviation will upgrade your plane whenever available!

Tip 4: Understand ‘Empty Leg’ Myths & Truths (Especially Around the Holidays)

The ‘empty leg’ story came out and suddenly everyone wanted to hop on a private plane as it returns from a one-way flight and pay pennies. However, that isn’t the reality nor the whole story.

Actually, ‘empty legs’ are much rare than the online stories make it seem and during the holidays, they can become even rarer. Plus, you aren’t paying the same for an empty-leg flight as you would for commercial, still – private flight is always more.

Additionally, empty legs are unpredictable and not helpful for planning as you don’t know when, where, or what plane size will be available – if any! Use a company that has empty leg flights on their radar, but don’t count on them for a constant discount.

Fly with Vault Aviation This Holiday Season & Fly Like a Champion!

Flying should be seamless and enjoyable, even during the busy holiday season – so, call one of our team members today and fly like a champion! There’s still time to get your On Demand private jet charter booked – we can often get you in the air in under 24 hours!