The Gift of the Holidays: Effortless Travel with Vault Jet

The holiday season is nearing, and this can be a major stressor for some families. Luckily, Vault Jet offers effortless travel on one of our numerous private jet charters all around the country!

Going to New York, Chicago, Seattle, or Los Angeles? We’ve got you covered. Heading to grandmother’s house in Florida – maybe Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, or Miami? We can get you there without any of the holiday airport lines or delayed flights.

But let’s look at all of the other perks that come with a private jet charter from Vault Jet, which lets you decide where, how, and when you want to travel.

After all, it’s all about family during the holidays – let’s make memories this year with a trip they’ll always remember.

Why Take A Private Charter Jet in the First Place?

Let’s play out a scenario that is all too common during the holiday season.

You need to get eight of your family members to Aunt Sue’s in Denver during one of the busiest travel seasons of the year.

Do you drive? Because nine hours in the car with eight people is oh so much fun for everyone.

Do you take a train? The slow and cramped answer to any long-haul travel.

Do you take a bus? Don’t even get us started on this disaster in the making.

No! Of course not! But if you wouldn’t consider any of the above options, why are you settling for a commercial flight experience that can be just as drab, uncomfortable, slow, and cramped?

Wouldn’t you rather all sit together, be able to relax and have space, as well as entertainment and food, festivities and quality time?

The holidays don’t have to start once the travel ends. Instead, let the whole commuting process be a blessing this year and enjoy it from door to door with Vault Jet!

Flexible Dates, Times & Jets

Whether you are traveling for vacation, family-time, or even work, Vault Jet can get you to where you need to be with ease.

Whatever day you need to travel, whatever time you want to depart or arrive, and whatever size jet you need, we can make it happen.

We have access to virtually every charter jet on the planet, which means we can find you anything you need.

From light jets which will accommodate four to seven passengers to heavy cabin jets that can fit your whole holiday party of ten to sixteen people, we know we have a private charter jet for you to reach your destination in style, comfort, and value.

Every Destination on the Planet & Faster, Too

Did you know there are 14,000 private airports in the US? That’s almost three times as many private airports as there are public!

But we aren’t just telling you these numbers because they are impressive, though they are. We are telling you because these numbers mean you can get significantly closer to your final destination with a private jet charter from Vault Jet.

Think about it, which sounds like a better use of your holiday vacation time:

  1. Traveling to the airport, waiting in line, waiting in security, waiting to board and take off (during the busiest travel season of the year), then waiting to disembark, get your bags, get a taxi or rental car, and then travel from the airport to your final destination.


  • Arriving at your choice of private airport, getting directly on your charter jet, and then arriving at the closest private airport to your final destination.

Yeah, we’d choose B too.

Actually Enjoy Your Travel With Vault Jet

We want you to enjoy this wonderful holiday season, but you can’t do that when you are worried about the hectic atmosphere that travel can bring.

We’ve all seen Home Alone, right?

Instead of the drama, stress and wasted time it takes to drive, train, bus, or fly commercial, consider a private jet charter from Vault Aviation to really put the shine on your holiday travel this year.

It not only makes the holiday begin earlier, it also makes the travel sweeter and takes that extra stress away.

Because let’s face it – the holidays are great, but they are stressful too. And anything Vault Jet can do to lessen our customers’ stress, is something we are all on board for!

So, enjoy your holiday season – it only comes once a year – and give the gift of effortless travel this holiday season. We know you’ll enjoy it.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Vault Jet, and we wish you a very happy New Year.

Why Take A Private Charter Jet in the First Place?

Need a lift? Call Vault Aviation for your next private jet charter and Fly Like a Champion this holiday season.

It’s not too late to get your very own free quote today or check out our blog for more information!