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International Private Jet Charter

Fly International with Vault

The demands of international travel make private aviation a no brainer choice for sophisticated flyers. Whether you’re off to the islands for your honeymoon or you’re flying across Asia for business, Vault Aviation can fly you to the most iconic destinations in the world. Vault provides private jet charters from the United States to Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and Africa. Once you are at your destination, Vault can also provide you with private jet charters in those regions. Whether it is Paris to London or Melbourne to Sydney, Vault has access to safety-audited aircraft across the globe. Vault Aviation’s On Demand model provides international flyers with the opportunity to get the best rates around the world. As with our domestic On Demand service, we create micro markets in which we get the best priced planes by creating price competition amongst the operators. Vault’s access to aircraft across the world, combined with our industry leading approach, allows us to offer the best priced options specifically suited to your needs.

Aircraft Comfort

For long international journeys, Vault knows exactly which type of plane will fit the needs of the trip. For 7+ hour flights over the Atlantic or the Pacific, Vault can arrange for heavy cabin jets that have lay flat beds for 6 to 8 passengers. Heavy cabin jets also include a flight attendant who can prepare as many meals as you’d like while in the air.
Vault also charters Ultra Long Range (“ULR”) aircraft, such as the Gulfstream G-650, Falcon 7X and Global 6000. These ULR aircraft can travel 12 to 14 hours nonstop and have amenities such as separate bedrooms and showers. For heads of state, business moguls, royalty and large groups, Vault can even arrange for VIP Airliners, such as the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), Boeing 737-VIP and the Lineage 1000.

Documentation for International Private Jet Charters

Once your international charter is booked, every passenger will be required to send Vault a copy of their passport.The passport information is needed for the customs paperwork and the flight manifest. If a member of your traveling party does not have a passport or if their passport has expired, Vault can assist you with getting an expedited passport in 24 to 36 hours.

Customs Procedures for International Private Jet Charters

A major benefit of international private travel is expedited customs screening. At most airports, customs agents will come on to your plane to clear you immediately. At others, you will be escorted to a private customs facility for expedited clearance. Certain countries require 72+ hours notice to grant clearance and issue landing permits. If your trip is last minute or an emergency, Vault can facilitate you getting immediate clearance by chartering from an operator based in the destination country or by sourcing the aircraft from operators with visa waivers and overflight permits.

Frequent International Destinations

Vault regularly charters planes to international hotspots. Cabo San Lucas, the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands are just a few of the frequently serviced destinations. When it comes to flying over the Atlantic, Vault knows everything you need to know about getting to London or Paris. Vault has been able to offer One-Way flights on heavy cabin jets from New York to London starting at $45,000 All-In. Whether you are in search of the crystal clear waters of the Greek Isles or the slopes in the Swiss Alps, Vault will handle the search for the perfect plane to complete your perfect trip.

Why Fly Vault?

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Vault Aviation, LLC dba Vault Aviation serves as an agent in obtaining air charter services for our customers. We select carriers that are certificated by the Federal Aviation Administration and registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation. Carriers are solely responsible for the air transportation by Vault Aviation for its customers. Vault Aviation does not own or operate the aircraft on which our customers fly. Vault Aviation is not a direct or indirect air carrier. All Vault-arranged flights are operated by Part 135 air carriers.


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