April 18, 2016

Is A Jet Card Membership Right For Me?

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On-Demand Jet Charter continues to be the most popular and appealing method for booking private charter flights, and it is certainly easy to see why.  Clients everywhere love the idea of no up-front capital commitment and the flexibility to fly on any size and model of private jet.  However, there are many instances in which a jet card membership may make more economical sense than the traditional On-Demand model. 


The Vault Jet Card offers fixed rates, guaranteed availability, and the elimination of all repositioning fees, often making our unique membership program the most-cost efficient and stress free-way to fly privately.  The Vault Jet Card is the perfect hybrid between exclusive membership and one-off travel as it specifically designed to offer the best of both worlds.  Here are some common questions and answers to help determine whether the Vault Jet Card is the perfect program for you.

Is A Jet Card Right For Me If I Only Fly During The Holidays?

Do you often fly during holidays or charter industry “peak period” times?  The Vault Jet Card offers guaranteed availability on the private aircraft size of your choice, 24/7/365 with no blackout dates.  With traditional On-Demand charter services, you may be out of luck reserving an aircraft during the busiest travel times of the year (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Spring Break, 4th of July, etc.).  Even if you are lucky enough to find a quality aircraft available for your trip, you may unfortunately see premium or “surge” pricing applied to your On-Demand charter quote. 


In addition to providing a jet card that guarantees an aircraft of your size preference on every day of the year, Vault Aviation also offers fixed hourly rates that never change regardless of particular travel dates.  Many companies will offer guaranteed availability for their jet card programs, but will often apply “Peak Period” pricing during the times of year that private aircraft are in highest demand.  We pride ourselves on offering the same great rates, consistent service, and safest private jets year-round.

Do You Use Major Airports or Smaller Regional Airports?

Do you often utilize smaller, more convenient airports closer to your home or business?  One of the main advantages to flying private is that you have access to thousands of airports across the United States that commercial airlines cannot operate in and out of.  Given the cost of private charter, clients should certainly have the freedom to pick and choose the most convenient airports for each and every itinerary.  Most private aircraft, however, are based at many of the bigger airports in each city.  Oftentimes with On-Demand charter, if you want to depart from a smaller municipal or regional airport, you will incur repositioning or ferry fees to get the jet of your choice to pick you up.  These fees can be costly depending on the length of the ferry flight and type of aircraft being chartered. 


The Vault Jet Card eliminates any and all reposition costs.  Vault Jet Card members pay only for the time they are actually on board the aircraft.  This exclusive membership benefit can save thousands against a typical On-Demand price when such fees apply.  Thus, the Vault Jet Card is the perfect charter solution for individuals that fly in and out of remote locations or airports that don’t have private aircraft based directly at their facilities.

Do You Want The Ability To Fly On Multiple Aircraft Types?

Do you want the flexibility to fly on any aircraft size with guaranteed availability upon request?  Many jet cards offer hours on a specific size or cabin class of aircraft.  For example, the most common jet cards on the market are 25 hour cards specifically designated for light jets, midsize jets, heavy jets, etc. There is nothing wrong with these standard jet card programs if you are making the exact same flight with the exact same amount of passengers for each trip. However, since a majority of travelers fly to different destinations with a different number of passengers for every trip – these standard jet cards are often impractical as they lack the flexibility to provide the best available and most efficient aircraft for different types of missions.  Whereas a light jet might be perfect for flights of 3 hours or less with a maximum for 6-7 passengers, it is obviously not the right equipment if a client needs to fly coast-to-coast with 10 passengers. 


The Vault Jet Card offers members maximum aircraft flexibility, with guaranteed availability on turboprops, light, midsize, super midsize, and heavy cabin jets.  No matter the itinerary, our clients have the peace of mind knowing that we will deliver the perfect aircraft tailored to their needs at competitive, fixed rates.  Due to our leveraged relationships with the best aircraft owners and operators around the world, we are even able to offer complimentary aircraft upgrades for a significant number of membership flights. Very few jet cards offer flyers the opportunity to pay light jet rates and be upgraded to a heavy cabin aircraft.

How Much Does The Vault Jet Card Cost?

How much does it cost to be a member and what if I am unhappy with the services?  The Vault Jet Card requires a $100,000 initial deposit.  The card acts as a debit card in that funds are deducted on a trip-by-trip basis, making the payment method similar to that of the popular On-Demand private charter model.  Unlike many other jet card programs, the funds on file on your Vault Jet Card never expire.  Your balance simply carries over for as long as you like.  Furthermore, any unused funds are fully refundable at any time without penalty.  Although we have yet to have a member request their money back, Vault Aviation is proud to offer our members the peace of mind that their money is secure and always available to them should they need to withdraw a remaining balance of any amount.


At Vault Aviation, we set out to create the most flexible, cost-efficient and rewarding jet card program available in today’s private jet charter market.  By combining the best elements of On-Demand charter and the guarantees that come along with membership, we are proud to present the one and only Vault Jet Card.  Why fly any other way?

How Do I Sign Up For The Vault Jet Card?

For more information – call (866) 325-4569 or email [email protected] One of Vault Aviation’s jet charter experts will walk you through the signup process and answer any questions you may have. 

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