Does it Make Sense to Take a Private Jet Charter Every Time?

Private jet charters are special for some clients and an every-day occurrence for others. But this begs the question of when it truly makes sense to take a private jet charter over other forms of air transportation.

Of course, the numbers are a great place to start, and the numbers for a private jet charter over fractional or full ownership are compelling, to say the least:

  • Private Jet Charters – Best value for use between 0-500 hours per year
  • Fractional Ownership – Higher cost for use under 50 or over 150 hours per year
  • Full Ownership – Higher cost for use under 500 hours per year

But there are also specific reasons for travel that make a charter the best option. Let’s explore these and see when it makes the most sense to take a private jet charter.

Private Jet Charters for Business

Private jet charters are often used for business travel and trips, whether for a meeting, conference, or convention – it is a convenient way for your CEO, CFO, or founder to travel.

A private jet charter saves time, delivers flexibility, and a higher quality of service than first-class or business class, without having to deal with depreciation, maintenance costs, or owning only one plane like you would with fractional or full ownership.

However, one of the biggest reasons that corporate leaders and business professionals prefer to use our On Demand private jet charters is because of the image it projects. It shows success to your clients and competition and is a great way to reward you or your team’s hard work.

Who says traveling for work has to be work? Enjoy the flight with Vault Aviation.

For Vacation

Private jet charters are also popular for vacations, as it cuts down on travel time, lets you begin your relaxation earlier, and gives you more vacation overall.

And even though vacations are supposed to be fun and peaceful, a break from work, they can also be stressful. Vault Aviation and our On Demand charters can greatly reduce the stressors involved with travel, vacation planning, and logistics. Because with a private jet charter, you are fully in control with the flexibility, personalization, and seamless travel you and your family deserve.

Additionally, you get to begin your family time sooner with a private jet charter, as your vacation begins as soon as you arrive on the tarmac. With a private jet charter, you gain privacy, time, and value – all while being able to personalize your trip any way you like. It’s truly a win-win.

For Special Occasions

Honeymoons, anniversaries, reunions, birthdays, and more – nothing makes a special occasion that much more special than starting it off on a private jet charter. The occasion is meaningful – so your transportation should be too!

The luxury that a private jet charter provides cannot be matched even by the top commercial private suite – as they still have to cater to the others on the plane as well. But with a private jet charter, you are the only priority, and your event is the singular focus of your crew and your Vault Aviation team.

For your next special occasion, make it a memorable one with a private jet charter to your favorite city, a sentimental location, or a new and exciting surprise!

Private Jet Charters – Because Your Time is Valuable

When you fly with Vault Aviation on one of our On Demand private jet charters, it portrays a successful image in business, gives you more time on your family vacation, and makes your special event even more memorable.

Private jet charters make sense in many ways and for many situations, as they offer more value, faster travel, convenience, flexibility, privacy, and less stress.

Plus – nothing makes flying more fun than having the entire experience catered to you! Contact Vault Aviation today and Fly Like a Champion on your next trip.