More Bang for Your Buck: MAX Jet Card for On Demand Private Jet Charters

To MAX Jet Card or not to MAX Jet Card? That is the question!

Vault has many options for our frequent flyers and though variety is the spice of life, some of our clients wonder which of our On Demand private jet charter options or plans are the best for their style, frequency, and needs.

Well, question no longer, as Vault Aviation’s team has compiled the end-all guide for On Demand Private Jet Charters and our MAX Jet Card.

Read on to learn more about our MAX Jet Card:

  • Benefits
  • Pricing
  • And when it’s right for you

MAX Jet Card Benefits

Our jet card isn’t like all the others. Because instead of throwing your money into a private-jet-pit where it depreciates, is locked-in, or makes you pay fees for withdrawing your own money, we did it the right way. No fees, fixed rates, no blackout dates, and more!

Our MAX Jet Cards offer:

  • Access to All Cabin Classes (no black-out cabins or sizes)
  • Fixed Hourly Rate Maximums (never pay more, only less)
  • No Blackout Dates (because then what’s the point of the card?)
  • Free Cabin Upgrades When Available (only ever be pleasantly surprised)
  • Guaranteed Mechanical Recovery (we will get you there, even if it means a better plane)
  • No Membership Fees (ever)
  • Guaranteed Availability (if there’s a private jet charter out there, we’ll get it for you)
  • Your Funds Never Expire (so you’re never racing the clock to use your own money)
  • Fully Refundable Balance (never a ‘use it or lose it’ mentality)

Our MAX Jet Card is the only program of its kind in the private jet charter industry, because we offer you a discount on every flight you take with us. That’s what we think a loyalty program should be – loyal on both sides and beneficial to both parties.

We even named our card after its biggest benefit. It’s called the MAX Jet Card because of the fixed hourly rates that are used to calculate the MAXIMUM hourly rate you’ll pay for a flight – and if we can get your private jet charter for less, we will.

Vault uses the same process to source private jet charters for our MAX Jet Card members that we use for all our On Demand flights. And the result is almost always being able to provide MAX Jet Card members with a price that is below their fixed rates.

And if the price happens to be higher? You are protected by your guaranteed rates and won’t have to pay the difference – we will. Our MAX Jet Card provides you with all the benefits of a Jet Card combined with all the potential cost savings associated with On Demand charter.

MAX Jet Card Pricing

The MAX Jet Card rates are the maximum you’ll pay per hour, and these rates are inclusive of all taxes and fees, including the 7.5% Federal Excise Tax (FET).

For Light Jets

$4,950 per hour

6 Passengers Guaranteed

Up to 3.5 hours nonstop

Available 24/7/356

$50 catering credit per flight

For Midsize Jets

$6,560 per hour

7 Passengers Guaranteed

Up to 5 hours nonstop

Available 24/7/356

$100 catering credit per flight

For Super Midsize Jets

$8,710 per hour

8 Passengers Guaranteed

Up to 7 hours nonstop

Available 24/7/356

$250 catering credit per flight

Flight Attendant Upon Request

For Heavy Jets

$12,900 per hour

10 Passengers Guaranteed

Up to 8 hours nonstop

Available 24/7/356

$500 catering credit per flight

Flight Attendant Included

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If all the benefits of a MAX Jet Card from Vault Aviation seem too good to be true, don’t worry, it’s all real.

We simply took the best parts of every other private jet charter company’s jet cards and added them together into our MAX Jet Card. And, as always, every flight has our On Demand guarantee.

Find out why Vault Aviation is the leader in On Demand Private Jet Charters and Fly Like a Champion today!