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Most Popular US Private Jet Charter Routes [& Flight Times]

Private jet travel continues to become more and more popular for business and pleasure. But if you’ve ever wondered which locations have the most private jet traffic in and out, or which US routes are most popular – then read on!

Private Jet Charter Routes Between Texas Cities & DC

Houston, Austin, Dallas, and Washington DC are strong contenders for the most popular routes, as multiple points in Texas and our nation’s capital continue to climb as popular destinations and starting points.

Houston to Washington takes three hours, which is a pleasant middle-ground for a flight – not too long or too short – making it a common route for vacations, sports fans, sports team owners and players alike, as well as business needs. And when you add Austin and Dallas, major Texas cities, you have multiple routes between Texas and DC in our most popular list.

Private Jet Charter Routes from New York & Chicago

Have you ever tried to fly out of O’Hare on a Saturday in the summer? Don’t. Its three busiest days (2,700+ flights) fall on summer Saturdays. Instead of the crowds, enjoy a private jet and the ease of flying with Vault Aviation!

New York and Chicago, two of the most iconic skylines in the US, are also popular routes for private jet charters (both ways). Though this is a short flight (1.5-2 hours), it’s often flown to get from one business capital to another, or one office to another. And because private jet charters save you even more time, you can hop between these two business giants without all the hassle of commercial airlines, commercial airports, or baggage claims.

Private Jet Charter Routes from New York & LA

Flying across the US has never been more enjoyable than this 4.5-hour flight from New York to LA (or LA to New York). This is the perfect private jet route for people looking to see both coasts on the same day!

Whether you’re flying for work or fun, this route is popular for both reasons, as it connects two of the largest leisure and business hubs in the US.

New York to Washington Private Jet Charter Routes

Yes, another New York! Many private jet charter routes originate from or land in New York City. But according to industry leaders, the New York to Washington flight route is the most popular private jet route in the US overall – over 5,000 private flights each year.

This route is great for growing businesses, established businesses, leisure, and more! In addition, New York to Pittsburgh and Detroit, and other growing business cities are increasing each and every year also!

Private Jet Charter Routes to Colorado Are Still Growing!

From skiing to business, hiking, entertainment, and sports, many of the cities in Colorado (like Denver or Aspen) are climbing our most popular private jet charter destinations list. We love visiting Colorado throughout their seasons!

We’ve been doing this a while, and we’ve seen the trends fluctuate but we’ve also seen some stay steady. So, if you are looking for a route to NYC, Chicago, Washington, LA, or any of the great Colorado and Texas cities you’ve seen on our best list, contact Vault Aviation to learn more about our competitive pricing and outstanding luxury!

Need something other than a quote, or looking for a location not mentioned above? Vault Aviation and our team can work with you for any location, day, or specifications you have.

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