New Year, New Vacation! Popular Dallas Private Charter Flights

Let’s be honest, we love the holidays and changing of the seasons, but about midway through January – we already start to get sick of the grey sky, rain, snow, and wind. And that’s why Vault Aviation wanted to start the New Year off with some popular vacation getaway locations on a Dallas private charter flight!

Whether you want to lounge on a beach, see a sparkling skyline, or simply be in a new atmosphere, there is something perfect for you just a short, luxurious flight away!

Private Charter Flights: Dallas to Chicago

Depending on your private jet model, this flight is usually under two hours! Meaning you can go from Dallas to the wintery, windy city in less time than it takes you to watch a movie or catch up with a friend.

Our private charter flights from Dallas to Chicago make this weekend trip an easy choice for someone who wants to catch some winter scenery, without the commitment of living in the Midwest all year long and living with almost six months of winter.

Check out these winter activities in Chicago this season!

Head to Miami This Winter for Some Surf & Sun

At around 1,300 miles, Miami sure seems closer to Dallas when you get there by a private charter jet. And when you have 400-700 MPH capabilities, the Dallas to Miami route is over before you know it.

Of course, you won’t be in any rush to leave, as all of our private jet charters are luxurious and comfortable, so you can start to unwind and begin your vacation before you even land!

Check out our favorite beaches in Miami! And after Chicago, trust us, you’ll want to hit every beach you can!

Take a Trip to DC on a Dallas Private Charter Flight

Just a few miles further away than Miami, is Washington DC (in a slightly different direction) and if you are already sun-and-beach vacationed-out, then come to the nation’s capital for a beautiful, memorable, and historic vacation this winter.

From Dallas, DC is just a couple short hours away by private charter flight, but unlike Miami, you’ll truly feel like you’re living in a snow globe as you fly northward. But don’t just visit for the views, check out all the best museums when you’re in Washington too!

From Dallas to NYC on Your Private Jet Charter

A couple hundred miles further than DC takes you directly to the Big Apple! At just over 1,500 miles from Dallas, NYC is a popular travel destination for our clients because there is never a dull moment, no matter the weather, season, or hour!

From Dallas to NYC by private jet charter can take 2 to just under 4 hours, depending on your jet and the weather, but even with this being the longest private jet flight mentioned, we know you’ll still enjoy every moment in the air. Even if NYC never sleeps, we know you’ll be able to on our comfortable and spacious jets.

With our team available to meet your every need, from food and drinks to staffing and scheduling, we pride ourselves on making your trip smooth every step of the way. Want a party? You got it. To relax before you arrive? Say no more. Is this a work trip? We’ve got you covered.

And once you arrive, stay in one of the many amazing hotels that New York City boasts!

Red Hot Las Vegas is the Perfect Relief from Winter Blues

Don’t feel like heading South, North, or out to the East coast? The fly West with Vault Aviation and melt those winter blues in red hot Las Vegas! We love this popular Dallas private jet flight and often have requests for it. And at just 1,200 miles outside of the DFW metroplex, what’s not to love!

From shows and shopping to casinos and amazing cuisine, Las Vegas can pull anyone out of the winter funk. So, go ahead, give Vault Aviation a call and see why our clients return again and again. From Dallas to LA, NYC, Chicago, Miami and more – we can get you to your dream vacation in just a few hours, and all on the most luxurious, lush and lavish private jet charters the air can hold.

Call us today to learn about our available aircraft, destinations, MAX Jet Card, or to get a quote – or to simply learn more about why Vault Aviation and our On Demand charters are changing the industry.

Fly Like a Champion with Vault Aviation!