Perks of Vault Aviation’s On Demand MAX Jet Card

Some of the largest complaints clients have about private jet charter card programs are the limited selection of aircraft, the numerous ‘no-fly’ or blackout dates, and having large sums of their money inaccessible in a jet account.

This all sounds bad enough, but when you add in the surprise fees and higher-than-needed hourly rates – private jet charter card programs usually seem like more hassle than they are worth.

But Vault Aviation fixed all of the above issues with our On Demand jet card. Learn more about our MAX Jet Card, with none of the pitfalls and all of the perks!

This means you have access to every jet in the sky, every size cabin, location, date, and class – just like you expect from your experts at Vault Aviation!

MAX Jet Card Flexibility

Our MAX Jet Card never has any blackout dates, because we guarantee you availability, even during peak travel times. This is because of how our team works to make and maintain connections throughout the industry, so we can always find you exactly what you want, right when you want it. We can even get you from phone call to airborne in as little as 2 hours!

“Vault Aviation is a private jet charter brokerage. By that, we mean that we do not own or operate the aircraft that we charter. Instead, Vault has an extensive network of over 5,000 safety-audited aircraft around the world.”

This means that the Max Jet Card, no matter the time, holiday, or weekend can get you the On Demand private jet charter you need. That’s why our clients trust us – because we never let them down.

MAX Jet Card Value Benefits

Of course, the MAX Jet Card has all of the best benefits for our Vault family, but by far the most notable perk is the value:

•               No Membership Fees

•               No Peak-Season Fees

•               Your Value Never Expires

•               Value Is Fully Refundable

•               Cabin Class Upgrades When Available

Unlike some other private jet charter cards which only claim to be On Demand, the MAX Jet Card never charges membership fees, peak fees, or wait-time fees. That’s why it’s On Demand.

Plus, the value you put on your MAX Jet Card is the value you get to use for flying – because that just makes sense to us. And, instead of having your money held hostage on your card, you can withdraw it whenever you want without any fees. After all, it’s your money.

Additionally, the value on your card never expires, because money doesn’t expire.

MAX Jet Card Safety & Security

This is one of the deciding factors for many of our fliers and we don’t blame them. Luckily safety, quality, and service are what Vault is known for. And we want to continue that tradition of excellence with our On Demand MAX Jet Card.

We know your destination, travel plans, and time are paramount, so regardless of the safety concern or mechanical issue, we will take care of it and take care of you.

If there is ever an issue or concern with your aircraft, we guarantee to find you a replacement aircraft as soon as possible.

Fly Like a Champion with Vault Aviation’s MAX Jet Card

Vault Aviation is your 24/7/365 full-service, On Demand private jet charter brokerage. We make your entire trip, from ground transportation to air, back to the ground seamless, luxurious, and personalized.

We believe that jet cards should be simpler, better, and created with the client in mind, too. That’s why we created our On Demand MAX Jet Card, so we could do away with all the problems, and instead MAXimize the perks!

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