Private Charter Jets to Miami, Las Vegas, & Dallas for the Holidays

Whether you are a regular snowbird or not, this year definitely deserves a vacation, and the holidays are a great time to try somewhere warm and bright. Of course, you should stay safe and follow all guidelines per the CDC and the location you are visiting, including keeping your group small, washing your hands often, and following social distancing rules. But even with these guidelines, you can still make the best of this winter.

In fact, recent studies show that a Vitamin D deficiency may worsen the severity of COVID-19 symptoms and that lower levels of Vitamin D have been linked to more critical cases. This means that enjoying some sun and relaxation is not only good for your mental health but your physical health as well!

Whether you are looking for a way to escape the cold or simply want a change in scenery after months in your home, we have some great options for our favorite private charter jet destinations, like Miami, Las Vegas, or Dallas.

Visit Miami & Forget the Cold

With our private jet charters to Miami, there are never blackout dates, holiday spikes, or long lines, just you, the beach, that Vitamin D, and your own personal getaway.

Did you know that the ‘Snowbird Season’ in Florida is November through May? Unfortunately, this often means flights are more expensive, fuller, and airports are busier. But the safest (and most private) way to travel is on your own chartered plane.

There are two distinct vacation styles you can take in Miami – exciting and vibrant or relaxed and lounging, and while many things are at limited capacity or have COVID guidelines imposed, we recommend the relaxed and lounging style this winter.

And at only 1,300 miles from Dallas, Miami is just a hop, skip, and a jump away! Meaning your flight time will be seamless and relaxing, just like the rest of your Miami vacation will be! Save yourself the hassle, the time, and the risk of commercial airports and fly like a champion with Vault Aviation and our private charter jets to Miami instead.

Based in Dallas, We Know Texas Private Flight

Dallas has a little bit of everything and remains one of Vault Aviation’s favorite cities in the US – and not just because we are based in downtown Dallas, though that does help.

Vault Aviation is the premier On Demand private jet charter to (and from) DFW! With our attention to detail, luxury, and of course, our client-first approach, we embody the Dallas lifestyle because we started here. This also means that if you have any questions or need suggestions of what to do while in Dallas or Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, ask your Vault expert!

We merge all the perks you are looking for on a warm-weather vacation in 2020: comfort, safety, luxury, flexibility. We provide all different sizes, comfort levels, and price points for your private jet charter to or from Dallas. So, whether you are a local heading out of state to one of our other great destinations or coming in for a visit – get here safely and in style with a private jet charter.

Las Vegas Has Lots to Offer

Las Vegas is not only as warm as ever but quieter than usual right now. So if you always wanted to visit Sin City with only a spoonful of sin instead of a truckload, then 2020 is your year!

And just because Las Vegas doesn’t have the low temperatures conducive for snow, that doesn’t mean they cut back on holiday decorations – take a look at the lights, larger-than-life trees, and other holiday-themes that take over the city this time of year.

A trip to Las Vegas can give you the festive feelings without the frigid air, so feel free to enjoy the mild weather and bright holiday lights, the shows, and food, and have yourself a merry holiday season this year with Vault Aviation in Las Vegas!

Fly Like a Champion on Vault’s Private Charters to Miami, Dallas, & Las Vegas

Don’t let the competition confuse you – if you are looking for a Miami, Dallas, or Las Vegas private jet charter, your search stops at Vault Aviation! We are the leading choice in safety, value, and flexibility for a reason!

Contact us today to learn more about routes, planes, pricing, and more! We are here all through the holidays and all through the winter – and we can’t wait to serve you this year.