Private Jet to LAX for All Your Mid-Winter Beach Needs

A private jet to LAX can make your winter seem a little warmer, and that’s what Vault Aviation is all about this cold, snowy season.

Whether you are from a state where it only drops to the mid-60s or somewhere the polar vortex swept over, plummeting you down far into the negatives, a private jet to a warm beach is a great mid-winter break.

And after the winter we’ve had – don’t we all deserve a little sun and warmth?

Vault Aviation knows all the best spots, beaches, restaurants, and accommodations in Los Angeles because we love flying and staying there whenever the temperatures dip.

And if you feel the same way about those frigid temps, then allow us to share our vast LA knowledge with you, as we tell you why you need a beach vacation, and why a private jet to LAX is the perfect way to arrive.

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Private Jet to LAX – You Need a Mental Health Vacation

Our first (and biggest) reason for a beach vacation this mid-winter doesn’t necessarily have much of anything to do with LA, and yet, it still made the top of our list.


Because a beach vacation is great for your mental health – and though there are many beaches scattered throughout America, Los Angeles has some of the most stunning beaches around. And they are all just waiting to take your stress away.

The beauty of a beach vacation is that it naturally relaxes you, rests you, and renews you. These are things we all greatly need in our modern, busy age.

Whether you are happily retired, a star athlete, or a busy CEO, a beach vacation can help you get the rest and relaxation you deserve.

A mental health holiday is nothing to scoff at, as mental health is much like physical health – it has to be given attention and kept up with.

So, grab your sunscreen, a beach chair, and some shades, because LA’s many beautiful beaches are calling, and the soft sounds of their waves are waiting for you.

Private Jet to LAX – You Need the Nightlife

Maybe you need a little more than just R&R. Maybe you want to relax on the beaches by day and expend your energy once the warm sun goes down.

If this sounds like you, then Los Angeles should still be your top choice, as LA has some of the greatest nightlife venues around!

There’s a reason that Los Angeles is considered the Entertainment Capital of the World. Downtown LA has numerous bars and clubs, while a short drive away, Hollywood’s nightlife gives you all the glamour you could ever desire.

Of, if you prefer, see one of the many shows or concerts that LA boasts every night, and let the music take you away.

After all, a beach holiday doesn’t have to be all sand and sun – it can also mean late-nights and moonlight.

Private Jet to LAX – You Need a Foodie Trip

A private jet to LAX might just be the perfect way to begin your next foodie adventure.

And with the mild weather, you never have to choose between steaming hot chocolate or adventurous ice cream flavors – you can have it all!

Want something new and exciting? Then Los Angeles is the perfect option for you.

Have tried and true favorites? LA has a little bit of every flavor and style.

And if you need recommendations for the best restaurants, sweets, or unique offerings in Los Angeles, then look no further than your friendly Vault Aviation team – we have vast (and delicious) knowledge of the City of Angels’ food.

Private Jet to LAX – You Need a Healthy Vacation

Maybe a foodie vacation is the opposite of what relaxes you. Maybe you would prefer green smoothies, hiking, and biking over burgers, cupcakes, and sun-tanning.

Never fear, because Los Angeles is an amazing nature and health location as well!

If your ideal mid-winter vacation involves the beach, but also trees, trails, and hills, then Los Angeles should already be at the top of your list.

And if you want to save time and get out into the wild even sooner, then why not charter a private jet to LAX for your entire hiking group.

You can choose the type of aircraft, time, location, and amenities for all your On Demand travel needs.

And remember, with a private jet charter you can arrive even closer to your final destination, as there are many more private airports than public ones.

So, grab your cameras, hiking boots, and a few healthy friends, and meet us in the health-conscious city to start your active vacation in the sun.

Don’t Wait – We Can’t Wait to See You Here!

Though a private jet to LAX will always be there for you, this wonderful weather might not be.

Call or email Vault Aviation today to get your jump on the mid-winter rush and get in that Los Angeles sun even sooner.

We can’t wait to hear from you and show you the Vault Aviation difference.

Fly Like a Champion with us this season!