A jet charter in the This Summer with Vault Aviation

Stay Safe & Comfortable This Summer with Vault Aviation

From our shortest one-way flights to international private jet charters, safety is something Vault Aviation always takes seriously.

We provide added safety and security in every possible way that we can, from exclusively charters aircraft that have been audited by The Aviation Research Group US (“ARGUS”) or Wyvern, to ensuring that your flight will have the best staffing and pilots. We do not just want you to get to your final destination in comfort and style – but with superior safety as well.

Each operator we work with provides us with the latest records before every flight. This ensures they are following regulations, staying up-to-date with protocols, and is the best way to prove that they are cleared for the flight even before they get on the runway.

Additionally, before all flights, the Vault safety team will request an ARGUS TripCHEQ to make sure that not only the operator, but the aircraft itself, along with the crew and trip meet ARGUS’ high standards as well.

When you fly with Vault, you fly like a champion – and champions understand that safety is crucial.

More Than Just ‘Safe’ | Vault Offers Peace of Mind

Safety isn’t the only superior comfort you get on an On Demand private jet charter from Vault Aviation. We provide the highest level of ease, organization, and peace of mind in the industry as well! Plus, our amenities are far better than Business or even First Class – because commercial airlines simply cannot beat the seamless comfort, security, and customization of a private jet charter.

At Vault, you are our only priority, as we are private jet brokers – which means we own none of the jets and you are our client (not the owners or the operators). This allows us to get you the best deal by utilizing our connections in the industry without having to play on both sides of the table like many private jet charter companies.

We never have to reconcile the wants of jet operators with that of our guests – because it’s only always all about you!

Even the most exclusive First or Business Classes cannot promise the same or give you the same level of attention and service that our On Demand Private jet charters can. Because even First and Business Class have other passengers to focus on, attend to, and serve. Plus, customization is nearly impossible on commercial flights, regardless of their claims of being a new ‘luxury class’.

At the end of the day, your private jet charter can be customized to your exact preferences to give you the exact experience you are looking for. From the menu and drinks to company, aircraft, entertainment, and more, private jet charters are the closest thing to owning your own private jet (just without the deprivation, astronomical upfront costs, maintenance, and limitations of cabin size, location, and multiple stops or destinations).

 Safety, Service, & Peace of Mind – What Makes Vault Your Premier On Demand Private Jet Charter Company

We are transparent, well-connected, and looking out for you – not the jet owners and their bottom lines. That’s how we can get you the best jets, at the best prices, with the most luxury and flexibility  – all without sacrificing protocols and safety.

Vault has an extensive network of over 5,000 safety-audited aircraft around the world, this means we are not only your premier pirate jet charter brokers, but we are also some of the most well-connected brokers in the industry!

Why Your Broker Matters:

  • A broker that isn’t well connected or full-service may need you to coordinate with others – putting more stress on your trip and taking more time on the logistics.
  • If you need to book through multiple operators and your broker isn’t capable, then you’d have to do it all yourself – which is guaranteed to waste your time and raise your stress.
  • By using a full-service private jet charter broker that has all the connections and knowledge you need, your trip will turn out smoother from takeoff to touchdown (and even final ground transportation).
  • As a broker (not an owner/operator) we are never trying to book our jets back to back to maximize our profits. Instead, we search out the best deal for you, ensuring that you get what you want, and what you need.

With Vault, Your Safety [& Comfort] Is Our Priority

While transparent pricing and unmatched service are how we provide value to our clients, safety truly is our top priority.

We abide by the Platinum Rule: never book a client on a plane we wouldn’t board ourselves. Vault Aviation isn’t just another brokerage, or another private jet charter company, we are transparent and treat you like friends and family, caring about safety, value, and experience above all else.

We have been recognized again and again for our service, our safety, and the ease with which we get you to your destination. Contact Vault today and Fly Like a Champion next time you need a private jet flight anywhere in the US!