New Private Jet Charters on a runway

The Case for Private Jet Charters

Though there is no more enjoyable way to travel than by private jet, Vault offers so much more than luxury and a means to your final destination.

Learn why more and more clients are choosing to take to the skies on private aircraft!

Benefits of Private Jet Charters

Get Closer with Over 14,000 Private Airports

With more private airports in the US than public, we can make sure you land closer to your final, true destination, so you don’t have to spend your time (vacation or work) on ground transportation and traffic after you land.

Vault Aviation works hard to make your entire flight experience fully seamless. Everything from ground transportation to and from your plane to logistics and preferences, we take care of it all. All you have to do is let us know how we can help, and we’ll take it from there.

Even if you aren’t sure how we can help, we know many of the most common requests and can give suggestions to get you closer to your final destination, sooner and in comfort.

Get There Faster with Less Wait Time

Though lines and waits may be shorter for first or business class flyers, there is still a whole lot of waiting involved in commercial air travel. From checking in and dropping off your bags to waiting for security and waiting to board, waiting to take off, waiting to taxi, waiting for a gate, waiting to deplane, waiting to get your baggage…there is a whole lot of time wasted waiting.

Luckily, with private jets, you avoid 90% of those annoying waits. See below a conservative example of how much time you could save on just one flight:

The old adage ‘time is money’ seems truer in modern times than ever before. And by skipping the lines, waiting, delays, and cancelations that come with commercial airlines and airports, an On Demand private jet charter can save you multiple hours each way.

Your time is valuable, and you don’t have time to wait around at check-in, security, on the runway, or at baggage. Instead of wasting those hours away, choose an On Demand private jet charter and fly faster.

Get There in Luxury

If you think travel is just Point A to Point B, then you are probably fine sitting in a middle seat for hours. However, if you think travel time can be enjoyable, relaxing, or productive then you probably understand the value of private jet charters.

And though the perks of private flight are numerous, luxury is probably the top that comes to most’s mind.

The privacy that an On Demand private jet charter affords you as you fly is a large part of the luxury. You are able to be yourself, laugh and talk, work or relax, all without 300 other passengers around. Additionally, the luxury and comfort of private aircraft make you feel like you are in the privacy of your own home, not on an uncomfortable commercial flight.

Not only are the actual amenities of private jet charters better than commercial flights, but the services, flexibility, and customization are worlds apart as well. Even first or business class does not give you the service or customization that our On Demand Private jet charters do.

Our commitment to you and your comfort is one of the ways we are set apart in the industry. And that’s why we work hard to make your flight seamless, enjoyable, fast, and luxurious.

Think of your private plane as your penthouse in the sky. You can unwind, work, or play because whether you are flying for business or a vacation, luxury is always better.

Closer, Faster, Luxury – Fly Like a Champion Today!

Not only are the amenities of our On Demand private jet charters better than commercial flights of any class, but the locations, speed, services, flexibility, ease, and customization are worlds apart, too!

Your On Demand private jet charter lets you choose everything. And our commitment to you is just one of the many ways we set ourselves apart in the industry. That’s why we work hard to make your flight seamless, enjoyable, fast, luxurious, and provide every amenity and option you want.

If you want to learn more about the Vault Family, our safety, or available aircraft, contact us today! Or check out our previous blog posts to see our favorite destinations, tips, history, and more!