Top 5 US Cities to Visit for Halloween with Vault Aviation

Halloween is just around the corner and as one of Vault Aviation’s favorite holidays in one of our favorite seasons, we thought it was fitting to give you our best list of cities to visit during this spooky Halloween season.

Many US cities have wonderful Halloween events, festivals, and parties, like New Orleans or Detroit, but our Vault Aviation team compiled a list that might be more unique than some of the other expected lists you’ve seen.

So, grab your ghouls, call your creatures and warn your witches! Here are our top five US cities for Halloween this All Hollow’s season!

Private Jet to New York City for New York’s Village Halloween Parade

New York seems to make every list ever listed, but for good reason! They have a party for every season, holiday, and event, and we love them for it. And a private jet to New York seems the perfect way to ring in the Village’s over-the-top Halloween parade and party.

Don’t forget your costume, and remember, nothing is too creative, too outlandish, or too ‘extra’ for New York City.

Private Jet Charter to Chicago for the Godfrey Haunted Hotel Party

Though Chicago boasts many (many, many) Halloween parties, parades, festivals, poetry readings, plays, musical affairs, and theatrical events in October, our team especially loves the scary sophistication of the Godfrey Hotel party.

And what goes better with sophistication than air travel as luxurious as the rooftop party you’ll be attending? Try arriving via a private jet charter to Chicago’s most glamorous night of terror, for an evening you’ll never forget.

Private Jet to LAX for Horrorworld

Parades and rooftop parties aside, Halloween is also about the freights – quite often found in the form of haunted houses. Horrorworld in Los Angeles calls itself the most terrifying haunted house in LA, and that’s a tall order!

With multiple mazes with differing themes, you can choose exactly how you want to be scared. That’s the kind of variety you only get in LA or, of course, with Vault Aviation and our On Demand model of private jets to LAX.

But don’t take our word for it. Come and see – we dare you.

Private Jet to Las Vegas for the Rock of Horror at the Fremont Street Experience

Not what you were expecting from Las Vegas? Possibly. But we did warn you that this list isn’t for the faint of heart, and certainly won’t hold the expected.

The Rock of Horror is a tradition in Las Vegas, one that mixes a little spook with a great beat and a few extra scares along the way. With live music, specials, costumes, and actors looking to get a scream, you can’t go wrong with this street fair.

The only down side? Have you ever tried driving to Las Vegas in a mummy costume? Hot, long, and restrictive.

Instead, come into Sin City in seriously scary style with a private jet to Las Vegas for you and all of your closest friends. And don’t worry, we can accommodate a whole apocalypse of your zombie friends easily with one of our Heavy Cabin Jets.

Charter Jet to Atlanta for Six Flags Fright Fest

Yes, maybe Atlanta didn’t make some of your lists, but it certainly made ours! We love a good roller coaster, and, of course, we love Halloween, so we had to add Atlanta’s Six Flags Fright Fest to the list.

Coasters by day, crypts by night, and a whole lot of screaming throughout both. If you are looking for a thrill this Halloween season, then Fright Fest might just be the perfect mix of fun and fear for you and your family. But be cautioned, under 13 is not recommended, as this event is scarier than it may seem.

Would You Like Vault Aviation to Help You Find Your Next Halloween Event?

If these events sound like your kind of Halloween – or even if you have something else in mind, Vault Aviation can get you there while making you feel like the king of the sky.

So, whether your costume is a frightening sight or your everyday suit of armor, we can get you to the perfect Halloween destination.

Try Vault Aviation for your next private jet charter and see the difference as you Fly Like a Champion!