Travel Documents You Need for International Travel (Even When You Fly Private)

No doubt, there are substantial differences between flying on a commercial flight (even first or business class) and flying privately. But there are also some similarities – like what travel documents you need. This is because private flights do not get to skip immigration or customs, they merely streamline the process.

Seem confusing?

It can be difficult to know where the breaks are, and where you still have to follow the protocols you would on a commercial flight. And though the process of flying on a private jet charter is streamlined for a faster, more efficient and enjoyable trip, laws are still in place – especially for international travel.

Let’s take a look at exactly what you need, what you don’t need, and how your private flight will differ from the lines and limitations of a commercial flight.

Arrival & Wait Time Differences When You Fly Privately

Unlike flying commercial, if you are flying privately, you don’t have to waste your day by arriving hours and hours early just to wait in lines, in lobbies, or on the tarmac.

When you fly on a private jet charter, we will handle all of your flight times and scheduling, so you never have to deal with the hassle again.

Additionally, though all private airports differ, our normal timeline for arrival is only about 5-30 minutes before takeoff. Meaning you can literally board, sit, and takeoff.

We know that your time is valuable, which is why we make sure we never waste your time by making you wait. In fact, between all the time-saving aspects of flying privately, you can save multiple hours with each and every flight. And if you fly often, that time can quickly add up!

Required Travel Documents (Even When You Fly on a Private Jet Charter)

The short answer is that you still need all legally required travel documents when you fly privately. However, Vault Aviation can make it easier for you by helping you procure visas, not requiring physical tickets, and ensuring your passport is ready and renewed before takeoff.

Commercial flights and private jet charters have the exact same immigration laws and procedures because they are both still forms of international travel. And whether you own your own jet, charter a private jet, or are a fractional owner – you have to follow international, customs, and immigration laws.

The only true difference between private jet charters and commercial flights when it comes to visas and passports is the speed and convenience you gain by not having long lines of other passengers or flights to contend with.

Of course, only a photo ID is required when flying domestically, but international travel stays the same, requiring passports and visas (for countries where a visa is required).

Who Checks Your Required Travel Documents?

We will make sure you have everything you need before the flight, and we will also make sure that your flight team has all the needed documents – that means there won’t be any holdup on the runway, and no delays of your timeline.

Vault Aviation takes care of everything, so you never have to research or book anything on your own. That’s the beauty of a private jet charter – we make the entire process seamless, even ground transportation to and from your flight.

All you have to do is bring your documents and show up – running late? That’s okay too, just let your Vault Aviation team know and we’ll make sure your pilot has everything ready with air traffic control for your new arrival time.

Do you fly often? The Vault Aviation will make a manifest of your information so your next flight is even more streamlined than your first. Sometimes we can even pre-clear you, making your flight experience even faster, easier, and more enjoyable.

Your travel documents will be checked by the airport FBO (fixed-base operator) as well, but this process is much quicker than commercial airlines and public airports.

Does My Luggage Get Checked?

If you mean “will my bags be taken from me and placed below the aircraft so I have to wait for 30+ minutes to get them after arrival from a carousel” then no, your bags will not be checked. However, if you are wondering if your bags will still be scanned – yes, they will.

Just like visas and passports, no matter what form of air travel you use, scanning of bags is still required. This is because of both customs laws and safety requirements.

However, the difference between private and public flights is that the baggage-scanning process happens seamlessly and quickly on a private jet charter, and there are never any lines, waiting, or silly rules about water bottles, electronics, or food.

There are certain private flights from certain airports that allow a bypass of luggage scans, but there are still safety checks in place.

Travel Via a Private Jet Charter with Vault Aviation & Leave the Lines & the Hassle in the Dust

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