Vault Aviation and Brand Quinn Partner to Support Veterans

Vault Aviation, a Dallas-based private jet charter company, has teamed up with Brady Quinn’s Third and Goal Veterans Home Aid in sponsoring the sixth annual Blue Jacket Golf Outing in Columbus, Ohio on April 30th. The connection makes great sense for Vault, as it has an opportunity to not only support homeless and struggling veterans but also to partner with a Notre Dame legend. Vault Aviation was founded by Weston Hull and Paul Taskalos, two Notre Dame graduates who know the value in maintaining strong bonds with the Notre Dame community.

Along with his wife, world champion gymnast Alicia Quinn (Sacramone), Brady Quinn uses Third and Goal to support long-term housing solutions for veterans. Not only does the foundation provide “touchdowns”—financial awards to get veterans back on their feet—but it also works with local community partners, including homeless shelters and veterans services organizations, to provide suitable housing for homeless veterans. Quinn’s work is supported by the Notre Dame community, and by events like the Blue Jacket Golf Outing, with proceeds going directly to the foundation.

Vault Aviation will sponsor the eighth hole at the Golf Club of Dublin, a challenging 193-yard par three. If a participant happens to make a hole-in-one on that hole, they’ll win a $25,000 private jet charter credit from Vault. The winner will have the opportunity to fly around the country, taking advantage of Vault’s world-class service and high-end planes. Given the event’s ties to the Brady Quinn and the Notre Dame community, the winner might even choose to use the credit on Vault’s “Fly Like a Champion” promotion, an upcoming program that gets Notre Dame fans to games in style.

“We’re so happy to be able to partner with Brady and Alicia (Quinn) in helping this worthy cause,” Vault president and co-founder Paul Taskalos said. “Brady’s been a mainstay in the Notre Dame community since he walked on campus, and we’ve been of the work that he and his wife have done to help the veterans that are so often forgotten.”

According to Taskalos, coming together to help is in the DNA of Notre Dame graduates.

“We’ve been looking for a way to get give back not only to Notre Dame but also to the community,” he said. “We think this offers a great chance to do both.”

The Blue Jacket Golf Outing will feature a number of local celebrities in the Columbus area, as well as a healthy portion of Notre Dame graduates. Several sponsors have teamed up to offer promotions and prizes for participants in the outing.

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