Vault Jet Card

While our on-demand private charter offerings provide the right fit for most customers, we’ve tailored the Vault Jet Card program to fit the needs of institutional clients who value certainty and planning. The Vault Jet Card program provides all of the benefits of traditional jet cards while removing the unnecessary costs that other aviation companies use to trap their clients.

Our Jet Card program allows customers to lock in fixed hourly rates. Still, we believe that every client should get the best of our ability, so we’ll use our negotiation skills to secure lower pricing when possible. It’s a risk-free approach for our institutional clients. You lock in a fixed ceiling on pricing while often receiving lower rates when we broker a better deal for you.

We know that many businesses, universities, and athletic departments depend on the certainty of yearly budgets for their private jet expenditures. With this in mind, our Jet Card program removes the uncertainty of private jet costs by determining the maximum hourly amount that you will spend. From there, we’ll work hard on your behalf to beat those maximum rates, allowing you to come in under budget, while still enjoying the same benefits of private travel.

While other private aviation companies lock their members into costly deals with few options and specific aircraft type, the Vault Jet Card program provides all of the status with none of the restriction. You won’t encounter repositioning fees or blackout dates. We have guaranteed mechanical recovery, and we’ll work hard to secure free cabin class upgrades when possible. You’ll have access to different aircraft types depending on the specific purpose of your travel, providing industry-leading flexibility.

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On Demand
  • Jet Card Hours Never Expire
  • Funds on File are Fully Refundable
  • Guaranteed Availability
  • No Blackout Dates
  • Hybrid "On-Demand" Cost Savings
  • No Repositioning Fees
  • Guaranteed Mechanical Recovery
  • Free Cabin Class Upgrades When Available