What Exactly Is an On Demand Private Jet Charter?

On Demand private jet charters might seem like something of a buzz word lately, but it’s actually everything that Vault Aviation stands for – which is exactly why we created it, of course.

Vault Aviation saw a serious gap in the private jet charter business, and with our previous experience working in the industry long before ‘On Demand’ became a thing, we thought we could do it better.

We wanted to listen to what our clients were saying, really listen, and change to meet and exceed their needs. Instead of being a company that looked first to profits and second to people, we decided to switch those two around and see if it worked better.

And it did.

What Does ‘On Demand’ Really Mean?

Our unique On Demand private jet charter model essentially gives you every benefit that full jet owners experience, but without all the maintenance, exorbitant costs, and depreciation.

Definition of On Demand Private Jet Charter

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With no membership fee or upfront costs, our On Demand program lets you pay for each flight on a trip-by-trip basis. That means you don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting in your ‘private jet account’, but instead, you can simply pay as you go.

On Demand Charters | Your Luxury Taxi + Concierge

Think of us as your luxury taxi in the sky – or, more aptly, your limo in the sky. You essentially have three options:

  • Full Ownership: You could buy a limo, but the value of that vehicle is only going to go down.
  • Fractional Ownership: You could partially own that limo, and therefore only be responsible for part of the depreciation and maintenance, but then you can’t use it whenever you want.
  • Charter: You could call the limo company whenever you need it, pay for that specific trip, and then have the company take care of the rest – guaranteeing you always have a limo when you want it, without paying for any of the depreciation or maintenance.

No sharing, no depreciation, and no hassles. That’s the beauty of chartering just about anything.

But the difference between charters and On Demand charters is that we take care of everything, not just the flight. We become your personal concierge from your front door to your final destination.

Vault Aviation On Demand model graphic

How Do On Demand Private Jet Charters Work?

Essentially, it comes down to the fact that our team at Vault knows a lot of people in the industry, and we use those many relationships to leverage aircraft operators around the world. This means we create a micro-market for each and every charter trip you ask for.

Rather than using some outdated ‘fixed-price’ model that chains people into high prices and lowers personalization capabilities, our On Demand model does the opposite and actually lowers prices by promoting competition on your behalf. And that’s what allows Vault to offer the best market price for every flight we charter.

Our process is designed for ease and simplicity:

  • First, simply give your Vault Aviation expert advisor your trip details such as needed dates, times, destinations, and guests, as well as any personalized touches.
  • Second, our experts will reach out to 10 to 20 different aircraft operators for price quotes and assessments.
  • Third, we’ll use a proprietary process to identify the true market price for the flight and use that to compare.
  • And finally, after identifying the true market price, Vault will approach the operators to secure the proper plane which aligns with the true market price and your specific needs.

We believe that our clients deserve value, control, and choice, which is why your Vault Aviation expert advisor will present you with multiple different flight and aircraft options. These choices will consist of varying cabin classes and price points, so you can make your own choice and keep control.

Don’t want the hassle? Just tell us, and we’ll use our knowledge to choose a great private jet charter for you that will meet the wants and needs you’ve previously communicated.

And because we’re experts in the field, Vault will make strategic recommendations to help you choose the best aircraft for your trip.

Isn’t It Time Your Private Jet Charter Gave You True Control?

Vault Aviation is all about letting you decide – decide your flight, your plane, your guests, food, times, and more. Of course, you can choose not to choose as well, and then we will take care of everything without you having to lift a finger.

That is what we mean when we say we are your premier On Demand private jet charter. Plus, you will never have to deal with ‘expired hours’ or nonrefundable deposits.

We saw problems in the private jet industry, and that’s why we decided to make private aviation simple and personalized, just like it always should have been.

Our On Demand model gives you the most flexible way to fly privately. And because we understand that every client is different, we work hard to tailor the experience to meet your specific needs – no cookie-cutter flight plans here, ever.

So, whether you fly once a year for vacation or once a week for business, Vault Aviation’s On Demand model is the solution to your private jet charter needs.

Contact us today to get started.