What You Need to Know About Private Jet Charters

Perhaps you’ve seen the luxurious new suites, seats, or ‘air apartments’ that many commercial airlines are advertising lately.

But have you asked yourself why each new class seems more lavish and overstated than the last? What are they trying to get at? Who are they competing with?

Interestingly enough – they are competing with us.

Not just us, of course, but with the private jet charter industry as a whole. And unfortunately for them, no matter how extra they create their suites, they will never be able to reach the luxury or convenience of a private jet rental.

But what makes private jet charters so above and beyond even the fanciest of first classes? Read on to learn all the very best things about Vault Aviation and flying privately with us.

With a Private Jet Charter – It’s All About You

Commercial airlines are ultimately about themselves, rules and regulations, protocols, bottom lines, and, at the very end of the list, about serving all of their customers – in first class, business class, economy, and below.

However, with a private jet charter, it’s about you, your guests, your requests, and your experience.

And the benefits don’t just cover the added luxuries, but also individualization, freedom, convenience, flexibility, and even saving time!

Choose Your Time

If you’ve ever had to search for a flight and realized that none of the times were convenient for you, then you would love a private charter.

Because ultimately, no matter how grand that first class cabin or air apartment is, you still have to be ready for takeoff when they say, land when they say and arrive when they say.

And if the only available times for your needed flight are redeyes or early mornings? Well, then you are merely out of luck.

Not very luxurious after all.

However, with a private jet charter, you can choose to leave whenever you want, whatever day, from whatever airport. This is the kind of control, choice, and freedom that flying private provides.

Choose Your Food

First class dining options may be better than economy, but they still aren’t very enjoyable. And though many airlines are trying to increase their variety, quality or sensitivity to diet restrictions, there is only so much that can be done when you are trying to serve food to hundreds.

This isn’t a problem for flying private though, as you can hand pick any menu you want, and have it prepared and served exactly how you like.

There’s something to be said about ‘small batch’, isn’t there?

Choose Your Destination

Did you know there are vastly more private airports in the world than public? And when we say vastly, we don’t meet a few extra in every city. We mean you could save hours in commuting times once you are already on the ground.

Think of it like this – you leave your home or office and drive to the nearest public airport, let’s ignore all the wait time involved once you arrive and skip right to when you land at your next public airport.

Are you at your destination yet? Hardly.

Now you have to leave that public airport to drive to your true destination. But what if there isn’t an airport near your end destination?

You could be wasting a lot of your precious time just driving from one travel location to another travel location.

But if you fly privately with a jet charter, then you can land much closer to your final destination, saving you time, hassle, and additional travel.

Choose Your Company

Even if you are in first class, you’ll have neighbors. Even if you are in a private suite, you’ll have others on the flight too.

Only with a private jet charter can you choose your company. Bring anyone, bring your pets, or bring no one and enjoy the whole aircraft to yourself. The choice is yours on a private jet rental.

Never share your space again, or have your neighbor tell you they are allergic to your furry friend.

Save Your Time

We’ve already mentioned the saved-time by traveling between private airports and not having to drive as far to get to your final destination. But what about all that time wasted waiting at the public airport?

Waiting for tickets. Waiting to check in. Waiting for security. Waiting for boarding. Waiting for your baggage. Waiting for your taxi or car.

The list goes on and on and it is stealing your time away from you.

Take control of your time and don’t waste it on waiting. Instead, use a private jet charter and save hours on every single flight you take.

Now that’s luxury.

Enjoy a Private Jet Charter Today with Vault Aviation

If saving time, having a choice and true luxury sounds like how you want to travel next, then contact Vault Aviation for a free quote and become a part of our family.

We want you to Fly Like a Champion today!