Why Are Businesses Choosing Private Jet Charters in 2021?

As states and cities open back up for in-person business, work, and meetings, as well as larger events like conferences, there have also been a large uptick in travel, both local and national. This is, of course, to be expected, as last year was the year of Zoom calls, remote learning, and very little travel – especially for business.

But what is in store for the second half of 2021? Much of the same? Many researchers think the opposite and that 2021 will see an increase in private flight alongside commercial.

Let’s see a few reasons why the Vault Aviation team thinks this research is spot on.

Why Will Businesses Choose Private Jet Charters in 2021?

1. Rollover Travel Budgets from Last Year

Most medium-to-large companies and corporations have a travel budget, whether this is for conferences or meetings across the state or country. These budgets may be for their C-Suite executives or employees who are presenting their work at a symposium.

However, these travel budgets went largely unused last year. This means many companies not only have to make up some of those travel hours due to contracts or keeping clients happy, but they also have the funds and travel budgets to double up their travel.

Other companies have mandatory training for new-hire management positions, but again, many of those were pushed back last year. This means that even managers who have been with the company for a year may find themselves flying out to a ‘new-hire training’ per their contract or the protocols of the company.

This makes private jet charters a big option for companies in the latter half of 2021, as it allows for greater flexibility and a better bottom line than partial or full ownership.

2. Employee Appreciation

Last year was difficult for every worker in America, but that didn’t mean work stopped. Many employees had to adapt, swivel, and put in extra hours, along with the difficulties inherent in a pandemic, in order to help their businesses or departments weather the storms of 2020.

And this did not go unnoticed.

Whether it is a ‘yearly trip’ that got postponed and is now doubled or a bonus for a hard year of work, many businesses want to give perks to their employees and management who stuck around and kept them afloat, even in times of uncertainty.

What is a better perk and a better way of saying ‘we appreciate you’ than upgrading a normal trip or travel to a private jet charter! Many companies set goals and incentives for sales or performance of branches, and a private jet charter with your whole team to an event, a vacation, or even a paid conference for continued education or awards is a great way to say ‘thank you.’

3. Safety & Ease

Finally, one of the largest reasons that businesses are choosing private jet charters over other air travel is for the safety and ease it allows.

All of the aircraft that Vault Aviation charters are required to be piloted by two highly experienced pilots: a Pilot-In-Command (PIC) and Second-In-Command (SIC). Additionally, Vault Aviation also references Wyvern Safety Ratings as an additional layer of safety.

Wyvern allows secondary audits to be performed on all operators, aircraft, and pilots that we use. This “PASS” report details everything from pilot hours to medical certifications, and the following information is included in every “PASS” report:

  • Verification that a charter operator holds a current Air Operating Certificate
  • Verification that the aircraft being chartered is listed on the air carrier’s Operations Specifications
  • Confirmation of current insurance for the aircraft
  • Confirmation that each crew member’s experience meets a specific safety standard
  • Confirmation that each crew member’s medical and license information is current
  • Confirmation that the operator has Civil Aviation Authority approval for international operations at chosen locations

Not only do our private jet charters have more stringent safety protocols than most commercial airliners, to begin with, but they are also far less crowded and, therefore, less likely to spread COVID among the passengers in the airport by waiting in lines or touching public spaces.

And as for ease of travel – there is a reason why almost anyone would rather travel on a private jet charter than a commercial airline, even in business or first class. You get to skip all the lines and wait, you have more space, and you get to share the space with those you know, not 200+ strangers.

Of course, private jet charters are luxurious and desired, but their flexibility, safety, and ease are quickly topping the list of private flight benefits for many business travelers.

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