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While exceptional pricing and unmatched service are our selling points, safety truly is our #1 priority. We would never book an airplane for a client that we wouldn’t fly on ourselves. Vault Aviation uses a select group of operators that comply with ARGUS and Wyvern safety standards. In addition, Vault Aviation is a Wyvern registered charter broker. Wyvern Broker certification provides us access to detailed safety reports that include aircraft maintenance records, aircraft safety records, pilot credentials and pilot hours on each individual aircraft. 


Private Jet Charter Broker

Wyvern Brokers are committed to having a safety program as part of their organization. They promote their commitment through the use of Wyvern data programs including The Wingman Report, Safety Intelligence Report (SIR) market intelligence, and by running Wyvern PASS trip due-diligence reports prior to every trip.

This comprehensive system allows Wyvern Brokers to generate real-time safety reports on every operator, aircraft, and crew of a particular flight. Generated as a user friendly PASS report, the data can be sent to our charter clients, allowing Vault Aviation to ensure all pertinent flight safety details are transparent to our passengers.

Anytime Vault Aviation sends you a jet charter quote, it will indicate the safety rating of the airplane. If you have any concerns about the aircraft, the crew, the airports or the weather, Vault Aviation will give you straight forward answers. We will always find you an aircraft option that you are comfortable in. We welcome our clients to request newer aircraft or ARGUS Platinum flight crews. Vault Aviation will accommodate all of your requests so you can have peace of mind and enjoy your flight.


Call (866) 325-4569 or email to have all of your questions regarding safety answered.