5 Perks You Can Only Get by Chartering a Private Jet [2019 Summer Updates]

Let’s be honest, flying can be a hassle even for the most veteran of travelers – but what if it could be better? What if your vacation, trip, or travel could actually begin the moment you step onto the tarmac? And what if that tarmac could be considerably closer to you than your city’s commercial airport?

Sounds better, doesn’t it? That’s because it is! And these are just a couple of the numerous perks you get when you choose to charter a private jet for your next adventure.

Whether it be for work or play, a private jet charter with Vault Aviation is the better choice.

1. More Time Saved, Means More Time to Play

You can save a huge amount of time just by choosing a private jet instead of a commercial jet. From the hassles of the large airport, to the busy runways you have to wait your turn on, commercial airports are meant for the masses, and therefore take two, even three times as long to get through.

When you fly with a private jet charter, you can fly out of private airports, which means you can arrive closer to your departure time, and arrive sooner to your final destination – all without the baggage check and pickup, security lines, ticket lines, boarding lines, etc.

2. Easier, Less-Stressed Travel

Vault Aviation makes your flight fully seamless, even your ground transportation to and from your plane we can take care of. Just let us know what we can do to make your trip easier and we’re on it.

Aren’t sure what you would like? We have a lengthy history in the industry, so we know a few of the common requests. Let us take care of everything and use our best judgment to make your flight relaxing, entertaining, or a mix of both. There is rarely an issue or schedule-conflict we cannot solve, so you can sit back and enjoy, instead of stressing.

3. Get Closer (to Save Even More Time)

Not only are private airports and private jet charters faster, they are also closer to your final destination, as there are many more of them across the country (and the world) than public or commercial airports.

In fact, there are nearly triple the number of private airports to public ones, and while public airport numbers are decreasing (but just barely), private airport numbers are rising. What does this mean? This means that people understand the value of their time and want to get closer to their final destination sooner!

4. Comfort & Privacy

Even beyond time-saving, hassle-saving, and locational perks, the comfort and privacy that a private jet charter affords you as you fly is often the most popular. You can start your family vacation as soon as you’re in the sky if you want, as you are able to be yourself, laugh and talk, all without 300 other passengers around.

Additionally, the luxury and comfort of private aircrafts make you feel at home and relaxed during your flight – not stressed and cramped.

Think of your private aircraft as your penthouse in the sky. You can unwind, enjoy, and begin your trip on the right foot. Because whether you are flying for business or a vacation, privacy and comfort are always preferred.

5. Better Service, More Choices

Not only is are the actual amenities of private jet charters better than commercial flights, but the services, flexibility, and customization are worlds apart as well.

On a private jet charter, you can choose the food, drinks, company, aircraft, entertainment, even bring along your furry companion without all the fuss of commercial airlines. Even first class or business class cannot give you the sky-high service or individualization that a private jet charter can – because even in first or business class, the staff are still waiting on 10-30 others.

Vault Aviation’s commitment to our clients is one of the ways we are set apart in the industry. And that’s why we work hard to make your flight seamless, enjoyable, fast, luxurious, and provide all of the amenities and options you want.

Want to book your next private jet charter? Contact Vault Aviation today!