6 Reasons Why Millennials Are Choosing On Demand Private Jet Charters

For those of you that think private jet charters are just for your grandparent’s kind of wealthy – we have some news for you! Millennials are actually choosing On Demand private jet charters over other kinds of private airfare – but why?

There are a few reasons why (6 to be exact) that we have seen time and time again in the industry as we work with young clients and startup tycoons.

Let’s go over our top 6 reasons why Millennials are choosing On Demand private jet charters and what it means for the private aircraft sector.

The Price:

Of course, even the wealthiest of Millennials still want to save money where and when they can, and an On Demand private jet charter is considerably cheaper than owning your own private jet.

Additionally, there are no buying fees, membership fees, or yearly hits to the wallet to watch out for. This makes On Demand private jet charters the luxurious, yet economical choice for many private flyers.

The Convenience:

Millennials get hit with a lot of media criticism, but one area where their ‘weakness’ is actually a strength is their love of convenience.

Why is this a strength?

Well, in the private jet charter industry, convenience is the name of the game and On Demand private jet charters take this to new heights! Millennials will pay more for convenience, speed, and enjoyment than other generations mainly because they live fast lives and will pay for the things they value most – like their experiences and time.

So, the next time someone is teasing Millennials for being the ‘now’ generation – tell them they are right and On Demand business models (like our private jet charters) are loving it.

The Speed:

As mentioned above, speed is critical to Millennials, not because they have short attention spans or because they are intrinsically anxious, but because their time is valuable, and they are often spinning multiple plates at once.

If a company truly wants to do well with Millennials, they need to take notes from Netflix, UberEATS, Shipt, and Amazon Prime, instead of digging their heels in and trying to change a generation’s values and preferences.

And that is exactly what the private jet charter industry did with the addition of On Demand charters – brought convenience and time-saving speed to an industry many Millennials were left out of.

The Luxury:

Of course, the reason any flyer chooses a private jet is at least partially for its luxury, and Millennials are no different. Many business moguls, start-up geniuses or digital stars want to enjoy their airtime, especially if they travel often for work, conferences, meetings, and more.

But there is an extra layer of luxury when you choose an On Demand private jet charter over the other private flight options – because you can choose whatever you want to be included or excluded.

From a certain jet to certain guests, food, drinks, or pets, an On Demand private jet charter gives you the control, and isn’t that true luxury?

The Brand:

Many studies have shown that Millennials aren’t as brand loyal as other generations, but this actually is a good thing for private jet charters as they rarely work with just one company to supply their jets. Rather, On Demand private jet companies work with many firms in the industry and use their knowledge and relationships to find the best jet at the best time that best suits their client’s needs.

This means a Millennial client could have a different brand’s jet with each trip, something that some clients might not like but Millennials are perfectly just fine with.

Of course, if there ever was a particular company our client’s preferred to fly with, Vault Aviation could supply the exact jet requested with the exact company as well.

The Flexibility:

We often hear that flexibility is one of the best perks when flying with On Demand private jet charters – but why?

This flexibility goes beyond simply being convenient, or even being able to control the aspects of your flight, because private jet charter flexibility means you can have a small jet on Sunday for your intimate meet up, a medium jet on Thursday to take you to your board meeting, and a jumbo on Friday to take all your friends to LA without worrying about having three jets, repositioning, or empty legs.

Flexibility is something the Millennials value, and so do we, which is why On Demand private jet charters are about getting the exact jet you need when you need it for the reasons you need. Want to change a pickup time, location, even day? You can, because our business model allows us to be flexible and work with our clients to find the best solution and outcome, every time.

Isn’t It Time You Tried an On Demand Private Jet Charter?

If you want to know more about our On Demand Private Jet Charters (whether you’re a Millennial or not) call our team today to get a quote, learn your options, or even ask about our MAX jet card.