Are Private Jets Safe As A Travel Option?

The aviation industry continues to grow as air travel becomes more common. However, with this popularity comes longer lines, packed flights, and busy airports – which is why many choose private flights. And that’s why private jets are growing in the market.

However, many people wonder about the safety of private flights and private jets in specific. Here are a few factors to bear in mind when considering the safety of flying private.

Are Private Jets Safe?

Private jets are held to a high standard to ensure the safety of passengers, pilots, and crews. Here are a few of the ways private jet safety is ensured:

Misconceptions & Publicity:

Because of media coverage, people may believe that private jets are more dangerous than commercial planes. This is largely the result of media sensationalization when there is an incident involving a private jet or plane or helicopter.

Often, passengers on private jets are public figures, which means any incidents involving them are more widely publicized than commercial plane issues. But, the best way to truly understand safety, is to look at the numbers.

There are many ways to compare statistics, but in the last 15 years, there have been more passenger fatalities on commercial flights than on private or charter aircraft. So, though all flying is quite safe, a private flight is safer in many ways.

Fewer Passengers & Lighter Flights

Think of this as a luxury car versus a semi – which do you think has more mechanical issues over its lifetime? Probably the one that is driven more, further, and pulls a heavier load.

The average commercial plane flies as many passengers as they can for profit’s sake, which can pose a safety hazard. Some airlines might try to fly as many passengers on as many flights as possible to increase their margins, and this could lead to cut corners on safety measures or even mistakes from overworked staff. Plus, each full flight puts more stress on the plane’s structural integrity.

Private jets don’t focus on getting a maximum number of passengers on every flight, quite the opposite actually. Plus, the lower passenger volume and number of flights also mean much less wear and tear on the plane.

Private Fights & Safety Checks

Private jets undergo rigorous safety and compliance testing that is often even greater than commercial planes, this means third-party verification of all safety and standards. This evaluation is incredibly strict, which means companies that meet the standards are extremely safe.

Vault Aviation only charters private jets that are thoroughly audited by The Aviation Research Group US – “ARGUS” – or Wyvern.

ARGUS audits maintenance records, flight history, insurance coverage, the frequency of inspections, and an operator’s ability to exceed the FAA standards. Additionally, they review pilot training, flight hours, and medical records.

ARGUS has a four-tier rating system:

  • (1) Does Not Qualify
  • (2) Gold
  • (3) Gold Plus
  • (4) Platinum

All of our operators must provide their latest records in order to be cleared for each flight. Prior to the flight, Vault Aviation will request an ARGUS TripCHEQ to ensure that the aircraft, crew, and trip meet all ARGUS standards – making sure that the trip is as safe as it is enjoyable.

Weather Readiness

Many believe that private jets are less equipped to battle difficult weather, but the opposite is actually true. Charter jets can also land at more airports than commercial flights, allowing them to change plans quickly and make emergency landings when needed with more ease than other, larger, commercial flights that may not be able to touch down when or if they need to. Some private jets can even fly above the weather, avoiding any potential dangers or turbulence.

At Vault Aviation, We Live & Work by the Platinum Rule, Which Is:

Never book a client on a plane you wouldn’t board yourself.

We value your safety above all else, which is why we use a first-rate group of safety-audited operators who comply with ARGUS and/or Wyvern safety standards.

In addition, Vault Aviation only sources aircraft from FAR Part 135 Charter Operators, and we mandate that they carry a minimum of $50,000,000 in insurance and show no history of damage or irregular maintenance.

From light jets and turboprops to heavy cabin jets, every single one of our private aircraft is flown by 2 highly qualified pilots – regardless of if it’s a short flight on a small plane or an international flight on a heavy hitter. Vault Aviation will never charter a plane with only one pilot.

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