The Best US Fall Color Destinations for Hiking & Autumnal Hues

If you love fall colors and are ready to get out of your city and into the open air, then check out Vault Aviation’s best fall color destinations in the US!

We love hiking, drives, and exploring new destinations, especially when there are gorgeous autumn hues to see along the way – but sometimes, getting there can be difficult, or stressful, especially in 2020. That’s why flying private is more popular now than ever before. Less wait, fewer passengers, and cleaner facilities mean you can travel with confidence.

And if you need help planning your dates or route, see this interactive fall color map here to find peak color days for your location or destination!

Take an On Demand Private Jet Charter to Asheville, North Carolina for Hiking Through Beautiful Colors

Take a hike through the Blue Ridge Parkway and Appalachian Trail to see Asheville in the valley of two mountains. The colors are striking, vibrant, and unspoiled, and the hiking (and the craft beer) are known throughout the country.

Hiking in Asheville is a must, and there are trails for any ability level. So, whether you want to have a week of deep-trail trekking, or drive to the top of one of their many peaks and lookout without the steps, you have all the choices and options in Asheville, North Carolina.

Fly to Bar Harbor, Maine, for Mind-Blowing Colors on Your Private Jet Charter

The lovely town of Bar Harbor, with its quaint, family-friendly streets and shops surrounded by mind-blowing coastal views, makes for a wonderful fall color trip. Plus, Bar Harbor is near Acadia National Park, where you can find clifftop lighthouses, historic carriage roads, nature and wildlife, and beautiful burning colors of orange, red, and yellow throughout October and the peak weeks of fall.

If you’ve always wanted to go to Maine, then this is a fantastic place to see, and a great time to go.

Take a Private Jet Charter to the Grand Canyon & See America’s Greatest Wonder

The Grand Canyon is beautiful all year round, but in the fall it is especially impressive. If you want to have time to explore without the sunburn or sweat, then autumn is the best time to visit Arizona.

The best way to get to the Grand Canyon is on a private jet charter from Vault Aviation, so you can get there sooner, with less hassle, and with no one else on your plane. Start your fall getaway earlier (and with less stress) by enjoying the travel, not just the final destination, with Vault.

Take a Private Jet Charter to Denver (Or Vail) This Autumn

Though Colorado and Denver are some of Vault Aviation’s favorite destinations for private jet charters and trips in any season, the Centennial State is especially beautiful in the fall before the snows come and many of the towns are full of skiers and snowboarders.

With more private jet charters to Denver now than ever, we guarantee that our Vault Aviation team can find you the perfect jet, price, and dates to see the most beautiful colors of Denver or arrive just in time for the best fall festivals.

See our top city-picks below – minimal hiking involved.

  • Denver Film Festival – making for a change of pace from the above fall-themed events, the Denver Film Festival takes place in the first two weeks of November and pulls talented film-makers from around the country!
  • Red Rocks Amphitheater and Park – you can hike as much or as little as you want here, as there are beautiful views right off the road and far back in the park.
  • Denver Botanical Gardens – these gardens are renowned throughout the US and their fall colors never disappoint.

Our tip? Arrive in a luxurious private jet charter to Denver and stay in one of the city’s famous bed and breakfasts nearby to continue the serene theme of your trip.

Are You Ready to Take a Fall Hike with Vault Aviation?

If Asheville, Arizona, Maine, Denver, or Vail sound like the perfect start to your fall color trip, then contact Vault Aviation today! We’d love to find the perfect jet, dates, and luxury for your autumn color tour or hiking trip.

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