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Can I Rent a Private Jet? [How to Rent a Private Jet]

Private Jets are the picture of luxury. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of questions about pricing, process, and even where to begin renting a private jet. But all that confusion usually starts with two questions…
“Can I rent a private plane?” and “How do I rent a private plane?”
Let’s answer both!

“Can I Rent a Private Jet?”

Renting a private plane is not the cheapest way to get from Point A to Point B, but it is also no longer an exclusive privilege reserved only for the ultra-rich tech mogul or pop-star.

However, a question like ‘can I rent a private jet’ is a little vague and, therefore, difficult to answer, as it all depends on you, your budget, and what you feel comfortable spending. To add to the difficulty, the spread in pricing is wide depending on where you are going, for how long, with how many, and what (if any) plane or amenity preferences you have.

For example, a basic private jet trip can cost as little as $5,000 for a one-hour short jaunt on a turboprop with just a couple of people. However, another private jet trip from coast to coast could easily exceed $40,000 (or more).

Ultimately, yes, anyone can rent a private jet, the only thing stopping some is the cost. Additionally, what that cost is depends on many factors of your specific trip. Renting a private jet will always cost you more than flying first or business class, but the personalized service and upgraded luxury are worth the cost for many.

See below some hourly rental rate estimates to get a ballpark idea:

Light Jet

  • 4 to 7 passengers
  • $3,000 to $6,000/hr

Midsize Jet

  • 6 to 8 passengers
  • $5,500 to $8,000/hr

Super Midsize Jet

  • 6 to 9 passengers
  • $7,000 to $9,500/hr

Heavy Jet

  • 10 to 15 passengers
  • $10,000 to $20,000/hr

Your Private Jet Rental Cost Includes:

Fuel Costs

  • These prices are constantly changing, just like gas prices for cars. A surcharge is often added to make up the difference between the projected cost on your private jet charter quote and the actual cost of flying.

Landing Fees

  • These are calculated on the size and weight of your aircraft. These vary from airport to airport and go towards maintaining airport facilities, similar to a travel tax or paying a toll on a highway.

Airport Fees

  • Airport fees are charged for managing an aircraft on the ground by a Fixed Based Operator (FBO) or Aircraft Handling Company. This may include any services for the aircraft’s plumbing, arranging passenger transport to and from the terminal, or rest facilities for the crew.

Ramp Fees

  • On a round-trip, ramp fees are charged when a plane is parked at an airport overnight or for multiple days and nights. This is like long-term or overnight parking at an airport, just for a plane, not your car.

“How Do I Rent a Private Jet?”

Luckily, Vault Aviation makes this question’s answer simple – call us!

The best way to book your private jet charter is directly through a broker, a well-connected broker who is on your side and has only your interests in mind. Not all brokers are the same. Make sure you choose one you can trust who does everything in-house on their own, so there is no gap in service or communication.

Because the industry is constantly changing, it can be overwhelming for new or inexperienced flyers, and you can’t know what you don’t know. But Vault is anything but inexperienced, and we can plan your entire transportation so you don’t have to. Don’t know where to start? Just call us and let us do the rest.

Our On Demand Private Jet Charter Model provides all the benefits of full private jet ownership without the depreciation or limitations. Plus, On Demand means you fly where you want, when you want, on whatever plane you want! See? Easy!

Rent a Private Jet by Calling Vault Aviation

We make private aviation and private plane rentals simple, just like they should be! Simply call Vault and enjoy your flight. As your full-service private jet broker, Vault Aviation is able to find whatever you want, whenever you want, and do it all with your best interests in mind.