Family-Friendly Vacation Destinations [3 Spots to See This Summer]

Family-friendly vacation destinations are opening up and beginning to fill up again as COVID-19 is increasingly controlled and the US steps out into our favorite travel season – summer! And though Vault Aviation often works with luxury locations, professional sports teams, and business travel, we also love getting you and your family to the perfect summer vacation destination in style, comfort, and safety.

Here are our top family-friendly vacation destinations to get to on a private jet charter this summer!

Mountain Vacationing in Denver

Denver, the Mile High City, really is a mile above sea level, but even if that isn’t enough to impress your kids, there is so much more to do in this amazing city that has a little bit of everything.

With over 3 million residents, Denver is the most populated city in Colorado, but as you soar above the mountains, you and your family will feel like the only people in the world on an On Demand private jet charter from Vault.

Enjoy the spectacular views before and after you touchdown, because from hiking and lake life, to shopping and entertainment, Denver has a little bit of everything for each member of your family. Museums, restaurants, shows, mountains, trails, aquariums, and more!

There are numerous public and private airports located near Denver, like DEN, APA, or BJC. And with just a word to one of our Vault Jet team members, your Denver private jet charter will be ready and waiting at whichever airport is most convenient for you. Don’t want the hassle of a commercial airport? We can land you at one of the many private airports as well for quicker disembarking and getting you closer to your final destination.

Beach Vacationing in Miami

If you are looking for a private jet charter to Miami for a family vacation instead of a business trip, then we’ve got you covered! From the beaches to the luxury resorts, there is something relaxing for you, your partner, and your children in Miami!

As your premier private jet charter offering private charters to Miami, we know that your time is important, especially when you only have limited time with your family for vacations. From kids’ schedules and school to your work and time off, our clients and your family are always on the go, which is why we want to get you the maximum time at your destination with our quick, never-wait-in-line, On Demand jet charters.

There are two distinct vacation styles you can take in Miami – exciting and vibrant, or relaxed and lounging. So, if either of these sounds like your ideal family vacation this summer, consider Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or the surrounding areas!

Miami is just a hop, skip, and a jump from Dallas. And speed is just one of the many perks of flying with Vault Aviation – your vacation can start sooner, so you can unwind longer. Check out our favorite beaches in Miami for some inspiration for your summertime getaway or contact us for a quote and see how much of your time and money you could be saving by booking your next family vacation to Miami on a charter jet through Vault Aviation.

City Vacationing in New York

As the premier private jet company to NYC, we know exactly how to get you, your family, and all their friends into the big city with ease. Between sporting events, tourist attractions, some of the best food in America, and that famous skyline, we know that even the pickiest of your family and friends will be in awe of this show-stopping vacation destination.

Sick of beaches? Used to the mountains? Prefer excitement over relaxation? Check out the city that is always morphing and always has something new to offer.

And with Vault Aviation being the premier choice for all your charter flights to and from New York, you can rest assured in the luxury and comfort that you will receive when you fly with us. Even if we can’t promise that the rest of your trip in the Big Apple will be relaxing!

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Vault Aviation loves the mountains, beaches, and city – but if one calls to you more, then contact us today for your family-friendly summer vacation destination!

Don’t feel like traveling so close? Check out these exclusive beaches across the globe!

We can’t wait to get you into vacation mode – contact us today to start your private jet journey!