The Most Exclusive Beaches by Private Jet Charter

If you are ready to travel again, then you aren’t alone!

In fact, the US is looking at potentially providing tax breaks for people that decide to vacation this year to help the economy. And as Vault Aviation loves summer vacations and beach destinations, we wanted to share our favorite sunny locations and the most exclusive beaches by private jet charter.

Palm Beach, FL | Private Flight to Glam Florida Beaches

Palm Beach is one of the best beach destinations for unbeatable hospitality while still staying in the US. Palm trees, pristine beaches, and waterfront mansions make Palm Beach one of Florida’s most iconic resort destinations.

Eau Palm Beach or Breakers are some of the best seaside resorts in the US year after year – and for good reason! Five-star service, high amenities, and the perfect location for shopping and beachfront make this entire area a dream vacation after a long Winter and wet Spring.

Go for a walk down Worth for shopping, to see and be seen, or to find the perfect dinner or brunch spot, no matter your tastes. Prefer more of a nightlife? See the Delray Beach area and find your perfect beat after a day of sunbathing on the dazzling white sand and clean beaches.

Martha’s Vineyard, MA | American Charm by Private Jet

If Florida is a little too expected or a little too loud for your exclusive taste, then consider a private jet charter to Martha’s Vineyard this year for quiet cottage life, with a little extra luxury.

Martha’s Vineyard is the perfect seaside retreat when you don’t want to be on a crowded beach or in a bumping club. Menemsha Beach is famed for its sunsets, and of course, the food. If you have a taste for lobster, then put this beach destination at the top of your list this year.

East Beach is more secluded and peaceful, but Aquinnah has the famous cliffs looking out at the ocean. Martha’s Vineyard isn’t just a great beach destination, but a wonderful destination even if sand and sun isn’t your favorite part about the middle months. Make sure you arrive refreshed and peaceful with a private jet charter and seamless travel from Vault Aviation.

Seychelles | Luxury by Private Jet Charter

Seychelles has proved itself to be more than just a honeymoon spot. It is a white-powdered sand beach that can be both a relaxing getaway and an exciting water destination, depending on your preference.

The Seychelles has over 100 islands, with resorts, vacation homes, and serene hideouts to fit your vacation style. From snorkeling to gazing at the amazing rock formations, to simply laying on their picturesque beaches, Seychelles is a wonderful and exclusive beach. And getting there by private jet charter is the cherry on top.

Turks & Caicos | Dive Into the Deep with Vault Aviation

Turks and Caicos’ many islands are a great luxury spot for a little more adventure than Seychelles. The 8 inhabited islands are easy to reach by private jet charter, boat, or ferry from Providenciales. And there are resorts, beachfront properties to rent, fine dining, and spas dotting each island.

But if you are looking for more than food and fun in the sun, consider exploring their breathtaking barrier reef system by snorkeling or scuba diving. Turks and Caicos also boasts a vast caves network in Middle Caicos.

And if you want true exclusivity and luxury, head to the private island Parrot Cay for an unforgettable getaway.

Bali, Indonesia | Fly in Comfort Further to Bali

Of course, Bali would make our exclusive and luxurious list of beach destinations via private jet charter. Because Bali is one of the most popular destinations for private flight!

Nusa Dua is the top Bali destination as it is decadent, naturally beautiful, and full of Balinese culture. Resorts, beaches, five-star service, and nearby Uluwatu Temple or Ubud make this the perfect place for the city, forest, beach, and more.

While you’re visiting, make sure to stop at Pantai Mengiat Beach, which is hugely popular for its snorkeling, fishing day trips, and cruise beauty.

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We appreciate your patience with travel over the last few months, but the US is opening up again, just in time for our beautiful summer and our beach days to begin.

But don’t travel on a crowded commercial plane – even first class is still surrounded by too many others. Instead, travel with Vault Aviation on one of our On Demand private jet charters to Florida, Massachusetts, or even Indonesia!

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