New Year’s Eve: The Top 7 Cities to Celebrate In

For many people, New Year’s Eve is one of the largest events of the year and a perfect time to travel to your favorite city for festivities, friends and family.

Our team loves to ring in the New Year with style, and we want you to too, which is why we created a list of our absolute favorite seven cities to welcome 2019!

But you can’t celebrate your way into the new year by flying commercial. Instead, travel in the lap of luxury and style with one of Vault Aviation’s private charter jets. From jumbo to light jets, we have one that will perfectly fit your holiday plans.

Welcome in the New Year with a private jet to anywhere in the continental US with Vault Aviation’s extensive network and keep the party going all night.

We know travel, and we know all the best locations – trust us, it’s our job.

Whether you are looking for that big city party, a warm beach getaway, or a New Year in the mountains, we can help you find the perfect location to make this New Year even better than the last one.

Vault Aviation’s Seven Cities for Your New Year

Have a Texas New Year With a Private Jet to Dallas

Everyone knows that everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the New Year’s Eve parties! Fly into any of the private or public airports in DFW with Vault Aviation and start your year off with a bang!

Head down to Victory Park for fireworks, music and more. It’s a party that’ll be going until well after the New Year arrives. Then, hit up downtown Dallas for breweries, bars and amazing food.

Take a Jet Charter to New York for a Once in a Lifetime NYE

Of course, New York City is on just about anyone’s top locations list, and we are no different at Vault Aviation.

If you are looking for a monstrous event that is televised around the nation and you love being surrounded by 1,000,000+ of your closest friends, then New York is an amazing place to celebrate your New Year.

Even if the big Times Square party isn’t your style, there is so much to be offered in New York City – food from around the world, clubs and festivals, block parties and shows. New York has it all, and only Vault Aviation can get you there.

All Aboard Your Private Jet to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a party year-round, so you know they celebrate a brand new year with even more extravagance!

Amazing headliners, shows, casinos, and nightclubs, not to mention a different New Year’s Eve party on nearly every block, Las Vegas is one of the best places to bring in 2019!

And though Vault Aviation has always been partial to Las Vegas, we especially recommend this shining city in the middle of winter, in case you want a little sun to go with your celebrations.

Wine & Dine With a Private Jet to Chicago for Your 2019 New Year

Chicago might not be a warm getaway in December and January, but they make up for it with style. Match that big town swag with a private jet to Chicago so you can start 2019 on a glamorous foot.

Of course, you need something to do on New Year’s Day too, so why not snack on a deep-dish pizza from the famous Lou Malnati’s or have a shopping trip down the Miracle Mile in the heart of downtown Chicago?

Just make sure to remember your winter coat!

Take a Jet Charter to Miami for a Hot New Year

If you just got the chills from reading our #4 pick, then maybe Miami is the place for you this New Year.

Sun, beach, sand, and waves could greet you at the door of 2019, and maybe it will bring you warm luck for the year to come. Hop on a private jet charter to Miami with Vault Aviation to find your perfect beach getaway.

Or, if you love the heat but want to ditch the beach atmosphere, then head into the city for some of the best New Year’s Eve parties in the country!

Enjoy the Winter With a Private Jet to Denver

If you’re looking for a NYE party with a beautiful mountain backdrop, then we have the perfect location for you!

Denver is a great stomping ground for the New Year, and though it is still a large city, the serene slopes are just miles away. Consider a hop over to Vail, Breckenridge or Aspen for a unique New Year’s Eve experience complete with snow, saunas and some of the best shopping that Colorado has to offer.

Fly Like a Champion With a Private Jet to Los Angeles This Weekend

LA has a little bit of everything and seems to be able to please everyone. So, if you are on the fence about where to go for this New Year, consider our final choice – Los Angeles!

If you like cities, nature, crowds or parties, LA has something to offer you, especially at the end of the year.

Come find your niche and enjoy amazing dining, parties, shows, hiking or beaches. But no matter what you do once you get here, make sure you Fly Like a Champion with Vault Aviation to get there.

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Ring in the New Year in the best way possible, with Vault Aviation, a private charter jet, and memories to last a lifetime.

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