Private Jet Charters VS. Ownership – Which Is Right for You?

Vault Aviation knows that private jet travel is the height of luxury, convenience, safety, and speed, getting you through the air faster (check out our blog on the fastest jets in production) and closer to your final destination all in one fell swoop. But then why not just buy a private jet if they are so wonderful?

Owning a private jet, either in full or fractional ownership, is actually a great choice for some, especially if you are an incredibly frequent flyer and have solid travel routines that do not require repositioning, multiple planes, or different sized jets.

Let’s go over when an On Demand private jet charter is the best choice, and when full or partial ownership may be what fits your needs the best.

When Does a Private Jet Charter Make Sense?

Vault Aviation thinks that On Demand private jet charters are the best option for most private flyers, after all, we wouldn’t be in business if we didn’t think this was a good idea – but we also recognize that a private jet charter might not be for every private flyer. And we think that’s what makes us the better choice – we’ll tell you the truth and tell you where the best deal is, even if it isn’t with us.

Luckily, for the average private flyer, an On Demand private jet charter is that best deal.

If you are like most private flyers, then a private jet charter gives you full flexibility with the power to change your jet depending on your preferences, group size, and destination. Plus, you don’t have to worry about initial costs or maintenance. Because a private jet is a depreciating asset, and with the large ticket price and expensive yearly maintenance costs, it isn’t a desirable option for the ‘average’ private flyer.

When Does Full Ownership Make Sense?

However, if you are not average and fly more than 500 hours a year, then full private jet ownership may be to your benefit, as there is a lower cost at high levels of use. But, then again, by fully owning only one private jet, you also have zero availability during maintenance periods and have to use the same jet for a 2-hour flight as you do for a 12+ hour flight (or groups of 2 VS 12).

When Does Fractional Ownership Make Sense?

A benefit of fractional ownership is that you share a private jet (or fleet), which means you share the cost of ownership, maintenance, and initial purchase. You can choose how many hours or ‘shares’ you have as well – like a timeshare, which can give you the flexibility that full ownership might lack.

But what you gain in flexibility you lose in…felxibility. If you are a partial owner, then there are other owners – and therein lies the largest problem with partial ownership – sharing.

Essentially, fractional jet ownership only works if everyone has a hard-set schedule that works perfectly with everyone else’s schedules.

On Demand Private Jet Charter Benefits

Private jet charters allow you to have as many planes at your disposal as you want without paying full costs, maintenance, or sharing them. With Vault, we can have you airborne in as little as two hours! And you can choose every aspect of your flight and customize it to match your needs or wants.

Need a heavy cabin jet for that cross-country flight with 12 of your team members? Need for you and your partner to be picked up from separate locations and meet at a third destination? Need a light private jet the next week for only you? We have access to all sizes, makes, and models, so we can get you where you want to be on the jet you want much faster than traditional air travel.

With Vault Aviation, you’ll never have to wait for maintenance, deal with black-out dates, or schedule months out because of sharing, as we have connections throughout the industry and can always find you a jet, even on the busiest of travel days!

Plus, private jet charters have the lowest cost for flyers between 50-500 hours a year – this covers the majority of private flyers.

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If you only fly under 50 hours a year, fractional ownership is probably a viable choice. Or if you fly over 500 hours a year, then owning a private jet might be worth the ticket price. But for anyone between 50 and 500 – a private jet charter is the answer!

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