Care and
Quality Require Exceptional

While exceptional pricing and unmatched service are our selling points, safety truly is our top priority. With this in mind, we abide by the Platinum Rule: Never book a client on a plane we wouldn’t board ourselves. Because we value getting you home safely to your family, Vault Aviation uses a select group of safety-audited operators that comply with ARGUS and/or Wyvern standards. The aircraft Vault sources must be from FAR Part 135 Charter Operators that carry at least $50,000,000 in insurance and show no history of damage or irregular maintenance events.

All Vault Aviation chartered flights are operated by crews with two pilots. While other charter providers may look to cut costs by skimping on safety, Vault will never charter a flight that only has a single pilot. Vault requires charter operators to provide flight crews that meet either the ARGUS TripCHEQ or Wyvern PASS requirements. Pilots in Command (PICs) must have a minimum of 3,000 total flight hours, 1,500 flight hours as a PIC, Type Rating and Class 1 Medical. Second in Command (SIC) must have a minimum of 1,000 total flight hours, 500 hours as a PIC, Instrument Rating and Class 2 Medical.

Effective in 2018, Vault Aviation became a member of the ARGUS Charter Broker Program. The ARGUS Charter Broker Program provides an unbiased, independent, and highly trusted method for professional charter brokers to prove their compliance with industry best practices and applicable requirements. When you charter a jet through Vault, you can fly with the confidence that we’re looking out for your safety.

As a member of the ARGUS Charter Broker Program, Vault Aviation has pledged compliance with the 10
Standards of Excellence:

(1) Passenger safety and security
(2) Perform due diligence on charter operators in a systematic and consistent manner
(3) Compliance with industry standards for charter brokers
(4) Aviation knowledge and brokering experience
(5) Passenger comfort and service
(6) Fiscal integrity and appropriate transparency throughout the transaction
(7) Employee hiring and training practices relevant to this business
(8) Ethical and legal business practices
(9) Compliance with applicable rules, regulations, and customer-dictated preferences and
(10) Recourse mechanisms for complaints, disputes, investigation, and resolution

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Vault Safety Standards
  • 2 Pilot Crews
  • ARGUS Gold Ratings
  • ARGUS Gold + Ratings
  • ARGUS Platinum Ratings
  • Wyvern Wingman Ratings
  • Wyvern Pass Ratings
  • $50,000,000 Min Insurance
  • Ethical & Legal Business
  • Compliance with all Regulations
  • Fiscal Integrity and Transparency
  • Complaint Resolution Recourse
  • Passsenger Safety & Security
  • Due Dilligence on Operators
  • Compliance With Standards
  • Extensive Aviation Experience
  • Passenger Comfort & Service
  • Qualified Employees & Training
Safety Certifications