Travel Tips on Private Jet Charters

Whether you’ve never traveled by private jet charter, or you do for work or pleasure often, these travel tips can help make your trip better!

1. Choose Your Private Jet Charter Company Well – They Can Make or Break Your Luxury Experience

This is truly the biggest tip as it affects everything about your travel, enjoyment, even timelines, and comfort!

Making sure your chosen private jet charter company is well-connected, are great communicators and knowledgeable is paramount, because you are trusting them to make all the plans and connect with you often.

Additionally, if you work with a company who can’t quite keep up, or who is not well connected in the industry, you may end up paying more, waiting longer, and flying on less desirable charter jets.

2. Use a Sliding Departure Window for Maximum Ease & Flexibility

If your plans change often, then consider a sliding departure window for your private jet charter trip. A sliding departure window means you can make timing and departure changes that will work with your fluid schedule and give you the flexibility you need.

All you have to do is communicate with your private jet charter company and let your Vault team member know when you will be arriving and leaving (even if it changes multiple times) so we can make sure everything is ready and waiting for you on the runway.

We never want to make our clients wait, instead, we want the private jet waiting for you – so be sure to let us know your schedule, any changes, and times. This is another reason why choosing a highly communicative On Demand private jet charter company is so important! You don’t want to be trying to communicate a change, and not be able to reach anyone.

3. Know the Private Jet Options Available (Or Ask Your Private Jet Charter Company)

There are many different available aircraft (especially if you use a well-connected private jet charter company like Vault that can find you any plane, any time of the year).

Do you need a small plane for just your immediate family? Do you need a large plane that can go farther? We recommend that the longer the flight, the larger the plane for optimal comfort and fewer refuels. And if you don’t know what size or type of private jet charter you need – just ask your Vault team member. Plus, we will upgrade your plane whenever possible!

4. Communicate Your Changes, Needs, & Preferences

Any time you need anything, from a change in flight times, location, day, aircraft, food, guests, luggage, or service, you don’t have to run around trying to figure out who to tell or how to get your needs and preferences met.

Vault Aviation makes it simple for you, as we are your sole point of contact, and will fix any issue to ensure your private jet charter experience is seamless and enjoyable. Simply tell us your plans, needs, wants, or any changes as they arise, and we will communicate with the appropriate party to make sure these needs are met – every time.

A few words to your Vault Jet team and your changes, preferences, or any departure delays are no longer your problem. Our job is to make your trip easy, so you can sit back and relax knowing we have it handled.

Remember – this is your private jet for the duration of your flight, this means any requests you have (food, drinks, times, personalization, etc) will be met by our team.

5. Our Final Tip – Feel at Home on Your Private Jet Charter Flight!

This is your trip, your aircraft, and your experience.

Don’t feel like a guest, instead, you should look at this as your own home in the air. Vault Aviation treats each of our clients as a member of our family, and we want you to think of every private jet charter trip with us like it’s on your very own jet.

Contact Vault Aviation today to get your private jet charter trip lined up with our expert team!