Vacation Season is Near & Vault Aviation is Here!

Vacation season is fast approaching, and though the question of if we will all be sunbathing in our own backyards or visiting a farther-away vacation spot is still up in the air due to COVID-19 – we want to be prepared for the best.

Vault Aviation likes to think positive, so we have been diligently working to bring you our ultimate vacation guide to private jet charters for this summer! And unless we are all homebound until the Fall, check out these absolutely stunning locations for your next warm-weather getaway.

We can’t wait to fly with you again.

City Vibes & Lake Tides in Chicago

Depending on your private jet model, a flight from Dallas to Chicago can take under two hours! That means you could begin your vacation on the top of the country before you can even finish one in-flight movie!

Chicago offers a vibrant city, with shopping, food, and entertainment, while also being right on the Great Lake and offering lots of beautiful walks and beaches close by. If you want a little bit of everything without the 100+ temperatures, then consider a private jet charter to Chicago with Vault this summer.

Miami Is Summertime Perfection

At only 1,300 miles, Miami is just a hop, skip, and a jump from Dallas on a private jet charter. Of course, you won’t be in any rush to get off the jet and start your vacation, as your flight time will be just as luxurious, relaxing, and enjoyable as the rest of your trip!

That’s one of the perks of flying with Vault Aviation – your vacation can start sooner, so you can unwind longer. Check out our favorite beaches in Miami for some inspiration for your summertime getaway.

Take the Capital By Storm (But Please, Not Really)

Believe it or not, just a few miles further than Miami is our Capital, Washington DC. And this history, memorable, and beautiful city is ready for you to take it by storm this summer (only figuratively, of course).

So get your map, love of history and museums, and enjoy a lengthy walking tour of our great capital. Of course, if walking around Capitol Hill isn’t your idea of relaxation, there are plenty of leisurely activities to do in DC as well. From food to entertainment, nightlife to beautiful views, DC has something for everyone, especially if you aren’t looking for ‘just another beach vacation’.

After It Fully Opens, Show NYC Some Summer Loving

New York City has been hit hard due to COVID-19, but it will reopen, and we will visit the Big Apple once more. And at just over 1,500 miles from Dallas, NYC has always been a popular travel destination for our vacation clients because there is never an empty weekend, no matter the weather or season!

Plus, being just a couple hours away by private jet charter makes the flight refreshing, not tiring. With our team available to cater to your every need and make your vacation a success from start to finish, you’ll enjoy your time in the sky just as much as you enjoy your time in NYC.

Fresh Air & Mountain Views Await in Colorado

Colorado is truly beautiful throughout the year, and the summer is no exception! Regardless of if you prefer the mountains or the cities and quaint towns, or even the tranquil forests, Colorado has a little bit of everything for your vacation

Vault Jet offers the best way to travel to these best locations in the US, so if you’re interested in soaking up all the summer scenery that Vail, Denver, or Breckenridge have to offer, then contact Vault Aviation today, and plan ahead for when we are able to travel freely once again.

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