Vault Aviation | Our Available Private Jet Charters

At Vault Aviation, we have strong connections throughout the industry, which means we have access to a huge selection of On Demand private jet charter types and sizes!

Learn more about each of our jet options, like light jets, midsize jets, super-midsize jets, heavy cabin jets, or turboprops. We know that we will find the perfect size, style, and priced jet for your travel needs.

Vault Aviation | Our Light Jets

Light jets are one of the most common cabin classes chosen by private flyers across the world. Due to the combination of competitive price points and the convenience of flying private, flying with a light jet is the perfect choice for shorter flights or clients on a tighter budget.

Newer light jets provide luxury and technology not previously available outside of the more expensive, larger private jets.

Passenger Capacity: 4 to 7                      Range: Up to 3.5 hours nonstop

Primary Benefits

  • Low hourly rates
  • Faster than similar-sized turboprop aircraft
  • Ability to land on shorter runways

Vault Aviation | Our Midsize Jets

For clients seeking more space, speed, and range, a midsize jet will offer a step up in each key area compared to a light jet. Midsize jets continue to make up a large segment of the modern charter market, with many in this category providing coast-to-coast range and in-flight Wi-Fi.

Although hourly rates are higher than light jets, midsize jets remain an affordable option for private fliers seeking the total package of comfort and luxury.

Passenger Capacity: 6 to 8                      Range: Up to 5 hours nonstop

Primary Benefits

  • Relatively low hourly rates
  • Coast-to-coast capabilities
  • Many equipped with Wi-Fi
  • Affordable blend of comfort and luxury

Vault Aviation | Our Super Midsize Jets

Super midsize (super mid) jets offer an impressive range, large cabin interiors, and excellent baggage capacity. Super mids are the ideal choice for coast-to-coast travel and longer international flights. Most super mids offer complimentary Wi-Fi and in-cabin entertainment systems.

The super-midsize category continues to emerge as the preferred option for clients looking for the perfect balance of high-end performance and luxury without the ultra-high-end price tag.

Passenger Capacity: 8 to 9                      Range: Up to 7 hours nonstop

Primary Benefits

  • Coast-to-coast range (in all weather conditions)
  • Excellent baggage capacity
  • Tall and wide-bodied cabin interiors

Vault Aviation | Our Heavy Cabin Jets

Heavy cabin jets are considered the gold standard in the private aviation industry. Rappers rap about them, celebrities take selfies on them, and business titans make billion-dollar deals on them. The combination of size, range, and luxury makes heavy cabin jets your home in the sky

 Heavy jets offer wide-bodied stand-up cabins with endless seating arrangements. Some heavy cabin jets have “split cabins” which separate the main cabin from a private room that will usually have a bed. Some even have full-size showers on board! A heavy cabin jet is a perfect choice to accommodate a large group on a cross-country or overseas journey.

Passenger Capacity: 10 to 16                 Range: 7 to 15 hours nonstop

Primary Benefits

  • Nonstop cross-country/overseas capabilities
  • Large cabin interiors
  • Personal flight attendant
  • Lay flatbeds for up to 6 passengers

Vault Aviation | Our Turboprops

A staple in the oil and gas industry and in mountainous regions, turboprop aircraft provide access to remote areas which do not have a major airport close by. With the ability to land on airstrips as short as 2,500 feet, turboprop aircraft are the workhorses that will get you exactly where you need to be.

While turboprops aren’t usually associated with luxury, newer models such as the King Air 350 and Pilatus PC-12 have cabin interiors that rival light jet aircraft in size and luxury. Turboprops are often the most cost-effective option for private charters.

Passenger Capacity: 4 to 8                      Range: Up to 3 hours nonstop

Primary Benefits

  • Great runway performance
  • Lowest price point
  • Luxurious interiors on newer models

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