10 Reasons Why You Should Never Fly Commercial

Commercial flights are doing their best to keep up with the private jet charter trend – but how can they when they focus on quantity and we focus on quality?

Even first class can’t stand up to the individualized, time-saving comfort that private air travel provides, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

From convenience to stress-relief, quality and value to privacy and image, flying privately versus on a commercial flight will make you actually look forward to your time in the sky.

And with all the time you’ll save avoiding the waiting, lines, security, taxying and more waiting, you’ll actually arrive at your final destination even sooner.

So, go ahead, give Vault Aviation a try – and let the sky be your limit!

Private Jet Charters Save You Precious Time

Did you know that you can save hours of time when you fly privately?

How? Because you get to skip the lines – the baggage line, the check-in line, the security line, the boarding line, on and on it goes. But all of those lines aren’t just annoying, they waste your time too.

Vault Jet knows how important our clients’ time is, which is why we would never dream of wasting it.

Instead, you walk straight from your car to your jet and take off right from there. Simple, right? It’s almost like that’s how it was meant to be.

What’s More Convenient Than Flying Private?

Convenience means you don’t have to worry about all the logistics of private jet ownership or commercial airlines rules and regulations – instead, you get to set the rules, the times, the whole travel experience.

Don’t want all the responsibility? Just tell our team what you want, what you like or don’t like, and we can plan your private jet charter experience for you.

However you want it, as involved or hands-off as you prefer, we can make it happen.

A Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Vault Aviation focused on each of our clients and each of their flights like it’s our only priority – because, well, you are!

We don’t have to get 366 people on and off a single flight, turn the plane around, and do it all over again. And because we don’t focus on just sheer quantity – or getting as many people to as many destinations as possible – we are able to focus on quality instead.

The quality of your service, the quality of your flight, and the quality of your aircraft – that’s our main focus.

The Flexibility of Private Jet Charters

If something changes and you can no longer make your commercial flight – even if you are first class – it doesn’t matter, they will leave without you. But with a private jet charter you are the only thing that matters.

If one of your guests is running a little late, if there is traffic, or if your plans change, we can accommodate much better than even the best commercial airline, because we are focused on providing you the very best service, not you plus the other 365 people on your flight.

Individualization to a T

Do you want lobster as your main course during your flight or a grilled cheese? Are you more interested in a quiet flight to read or listen to music, or do you prefer it to be a party?

Our team of experts will find the perfect plan for whatever your private flight needs and desires are. We’ve crafted everything from corporate meetings in the sky to vacations that begin even before you arrive at your destination.

That’s the beauty of private air travel, it isn’t just a flight, it’s whatever you want it to be.

It’s All in the Name – Private Jet Charter

Privacy is important to many of our clients, and being on a plane with 300 or more people, even if you’re separated by that little ‘class curtain’, doesn’t give you much privacy at all.

This is why many opt for cabins instead of just first class, but why rent a cabin when you could have the entire private jet to yourself instead?

Quality Time with Your Travel Companions

If you are traveling in a group, whether for business or pleasure, your time together is valuable. Wouldn’t you rather get to spend time with your friends, family, or collogues in a relaxed, comfortable setting instead of crammed into too-small seats for a too-long flight?

Stretch your legs, enjoy the company, and fly like a champion instead of a chump next time with Vault.

No Commercial Airports? No Stress.

Some of the most frustrating places on Earth are the DMV and airports. Unfortunately, we can only help with one of those – but luckily, we can help with the one that you more-commonly have to deal with.

Because we have the ability to use private airports and runways, you never have to go through the intense obstacle course that is a commercial airport again. We make it easy for you, and we make your entire travel – from ground to air to ground and your final destination – seamless.

Image – for Your Company, for Your Clients

There is something to be said about image and private jet charters, and there is a reason that many higher-ups in business use private air travel.

Of course, the perks are one of the reasons so many prefer private jets to commercial flights, but the image it gives your industry, your competition, and your clients is often just as important as the comforts you get to enjoy.

Finally, a Flight Option You’ll Actually Look Forward to

One of the greatest benefits you gain from flying privately is the enjoyment of the flight. Whether you have to fly for work, or you choose to fly for fun, wouldn’t it be nice if you could enjoy the process instead of dread it?

That is exactly what our client’s get when they fly with Vault Aviation, and that’s exactly what we want you to experience too.

Enjoy Your Next Flight with Vault Aviation

Whether you fly weekly, monthly, or only occasionally, the experience of private air travel, along with all the accompanying benefits, easily knocks commercial flying out of the sky.

Contact Vault Aviation today to learn more about our MAX Jet Card, our On Demand model, FAQs, safety and more.

Live a little – and Fly Like a Champion for your next flight.