5 Perks of Flying with a Private Jet Charter

Every once in a while, we get asked by our clients about the perks of flying with a private jet charter instead of first class, business class, or even coach. I mean, you still get from Point A to Point B, right? Does a private jet charter really save you that much time? Is it really that different from first class or air suites?

Though luxury in the skies is improving, there will always be perks that public air travel cannot match. And there will always be benefits that only a private jet charter can provide you and your travel guests.

Vault Aviation wanted to create our top 5 perks of flying with a private jet charter, to show the true differences between even the highest class of commercial air travel, and a flight on your very own private charter aircraft.

But don’t just take our word for it. In fact, we prefer that you experience a Vault Jet flight first hand instead. So, go ahead – call us or get a free quote here, and Fly Like a Champion today!

Vault Aviation’s Top 5 Perks of Flying with a Private Jet Charter

Save Time & Land Closer on a Private Jet Charter

Did you know that there are only 789 medium-to-large commercial airports in the United States? Now that may seem like a large number, but it cannot even begin to cover the almost 3.8 million square miles that make up the United States.

Now compare this to over 13,000 private airports throughout the United States. That number makes 789 look pretty paltry. And when you consider that the remainder of the distance between your starting point and your final destination will have to be covered by car, train, or other ground-transport, you are looking at a lot of wasted time and unnecessary hassle.

Don’t let your vacation, business meeting, or getaway get off to the wrong start – fly with a private jet charter instead and get there faster.

Fly a Private Jet Charter & Never Worry About Airport Lines Again

Speaking of precious time, nothing wastes more of it than waiting in airport lines. From ticketing to baggage, security to boarding, then doing it all over again in reverse, the amount of time you waste in airports can exceed the amount of time you spend in the air!

At Vault Aviation, we know our clients’ time is valuable, and we act like it! No unnecessary waits, no taxying for no reason, no waiting on the tarmac.

Simply walk directly onto our private jet charter, relax, and get there faster.

It really is as simple as that.

Layovers are a Thing of the Past with a Private Jet Charter

With a private jet charter, you save time by skipping the extra ground transport, you save time by skipping all the lines, and you even save time by never having a layover steal precious hours of your day.

Even on the finest commercial flights, you may still have to waste time at a go-between airport, or layover, before you arrive at your true destination. Why? Because the aircraft has to wait for the other passengers to arrive in order to fill the flight.

And every layover, every go-between airport, means more lines, more waiting, more wasted time that you’ll never get back.

Only a private jet charter can get you that time back and treat your hours, minutes, and seconds as precious as they truly are.

On a Private Jet Charter, Your Schedule Rules the Sky

With a private jet charter, you can leave whenever you want, arrive whenever you want. There are no ‘blackout dates’ or unwanted redeye flights. There aren’t any holidays that are already booked or overbooked.

You’ll never have to wake up at 3 AM to make it to the airport by 4 AM, to get on a 6 AM flight again. Instead, you choose when takeoff is, or you tell us when you want to arrive, and we make the rest a seamless, luxurious ride.

On a private jet charter, the only schedule you follow is yours! That means no ‘laptops must be stowed as we take off and land’ or meals in the middle of your nap. You have complete control when you fly with a private jet charter – and isn’t that the way it should be?

Choose the Cuisine Your Crave & the Company You Want with a Private Jet Charter

Even more than choosing your times, arrival, or departures, you can choose everything on your private jet charter! From the upholstery to the meals, the guests to aircraft to entertainment and more.

If you want a party in the sky, a relaxing journey, or a continuation of your work trip, Vault Aviation can make it happen. Because on a private jet charter, you have true choice and personalization.

That’s what it means to Fly Like a Champion, and that’s all Vault Aviation does.

Does Flying with a Private Jet Charter, Saving Time, & Personalizing Your Trip Sound Right for You?

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