Business Travel Comebacks [4 Cities Booming in Business]

Are you ready to start your business travel again? As the country gears up for limited reopenings, some travel, especially business travel is nearing us on the horizon. And Vault Aviation is right there with you.

Whether you travel for work on a weekly, monthly, or only occasional basis, we can get you to all the top business destinations on a private jet charter in the lap of luxury – so it will feel a little less like work, at least until touchdown.

After COVID-19: Business Travel to New York City

New York might just be the most iconic city in the world, and with that great fame comes great business opportunities. New York City is home to some of the biggest companies with the most name recognition in the world, which means it’s one of the most popular business trip locations in the US.

New York has become a lucrative mix of Wall Street and Main Street – or Fortune 500 companies and innovative startups. This might just make New York City your most common destination for business travel. However, with business growing in NYC, it makes a congested city even more difficult to get around, unless you fly private.

Some of the most common (and successful) industries in NYC are financial, media, technology, and communications. And what do each of these industries have in common? They all require a little bit of showmanship to have other big businesses take you seriously.

Let us take care of your timelines and your reputation by showing up in style with Vault Aviation and a private jet charter to New York City.

Dallas to NYC by private jet charter can take just 2 to under 4 hours, depending on your jet and the weather. Help the Big Apple come back from COVID-19 by continuing your business travel here once the skies and the city are fully open and operational again.

Post COVID-19: Take Your Business to LA with Vault

Los Angeles is a city like no other! Anything you want – from excitement to relaxation can be found in Los Angeles. But LA isn’t just for vacations, as it is a booming business destination as well. From development to shipping, travel to entertainment, many industries are set in LA and the surrounding areas, including technology, which has mainly been untouched, or even seen jumps due to COVID-19.

Many of our clients take a charter jet to Los Angeles every month for business meetings or conferences. So, instead of spending hours waiting for security, traffic, and baggage every month, use a private airport and private plane and get to your final destination sooner – so you can enjoy the city for longer.

Many of our frequent business flyers have found restaurants, bars, workspaces, and events that they love going to month after month, and once LA has fully opened again, those favorite spots will need their loyal clients to return.

Chicago: Travel to the Windy City for Your Next Business Trip

Depending on your private jet model, a flight to Chicago can take under two hours! Meaning you can go from Dallas to the windy city in less time than it takes you to binge Netflix or catch up with a friend over a Zoom cocktail hour.

Our private charter flights from Dallas to Chicago make your business trip easy even if you want to fly there and back on the same day. Let’s be honest, sometimes a commute out of the city takes longer than two hours!

Plus, Chicago truly has it all – food, art, sports, all while nestling up against Lake Michigan. And all of that culture, entertainment, and lakefront hasn’t gone unnoticed in the business community, as Chicago continues to grow!

Manufacturing, printing, publishing, insurance, transportation, financial trading, and food processing are some of the major players in Chicago’s economy, not to mention being a travel hub.


Of course, though many cities in the US are business hubs, none are quite like Vault Aviation’s home of Dallas. Private jet charters to and from Dallas are our specialty, and with its booming economy, it’s no wonder it’s a top business destination as well!

Dallas boasts a diverse business climate, from technological industries to defense, financial services, information technologies, life sciences, telecommunications, and transportation. In fact, the DFW area holds over 40% of all of Texas’ high-tech workers.

Still aren’t convinced that Dallas is a true business hub? We have 13 private companies with over $1 billion in annual revenues and 19 Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the DFW area, including ExxonMobil, Kimberly-Clark, Southwest Airlines, and Texas Instruments.

Get Ready For Your Business Travel Comeback with Vault Aviation!

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