Celebrate 2019 With a MAX Jet Card

Maximize your travel in 2019 with a MAX Jet Card from Vault Aviation. This is the only program in the entire private jet charter industry that offers you a discount on every flight you take with us.

But what makes our Vault Aviation Max Jet Card so different from other jet card or programs? It’s simple – the perks!

The MAX Jet Card provides you with the benefits of a jet card, but also the guaranteed fixed hourly rates and cost savings of our On Demand charters.

This means, no matter what, you get to Fly Like a Champion with Vault Aviation at the best price in the sky!

Perks of Vault Aviation’s MAX Jet Card

MAXimum Flexibility

Did you know that two of the biggest complaints our clients had about other companies jet card programs was the limited selection of aircraft and the numerous blackout dates?

Vault Aviation fixed both of these issues with our MAX Jet Card!

You have access to every airplane, every size cabin, and every class with the MAX Jet Card. We know that not all trips are the same – so why would you expect to use the same private jet  for every trip?

Additionally, with Vault Aviation’s MAX Jet Card there will never be any blackout dates and we always guarantee availability, even during peak travel times. And unlike other companies, we don’t upcharge you for ‘peak days’ or ‘peak seasons’ either. With the Max Jet Card, no matter the times, dates or weekends you need a private charter, you know you’ll have one.

We think you deserve to set your own schedule, and we will work with it – never the other way around!

MAXimum Security

If an issue arises with your private jet, you would want it to be resolved immediately, right? Whether you’re traveling for work or for play, you still have places to get – but unfortunately, that quick fix doesn’t always happen you’re a member of other companies jet card programs.

Often, jet card holders are treated second to other charter jet flyers, and that is something Vault Aviation doesn’t stand for. We are a family, and we intend to treat you as such.

This means if you ever have an issue with the plane you have booked, then we guarantee to find you a replacement aircraft ASAP.

In addition, the MAX rates always protect you from any stressors or time-consuming complications with your trip, as you will always know the maximum you will ever have to pay.

Vault Aviation understands that jet cards should be simpler and geared towards the client, and that is why we made our MAX Jet Card.

MAXimum Value

The MAX Jet Card has a lot of advantages, but arguably the best ones are the value and unbeatable flexibility. Just check out a few of the MAXimum perks below:

  • No Membership Fees
  • No Peak Season Fees
  • Amounts Never Expire
  • Fully Refundable
  • Free Cabin Class Upgrade Offers

Unlike our competitors jet cards, the Vault Aviation MAX Jet Card never charges membership fees, peak season fees or wait time fees. In the end, the amount you put onto the card is the amount you get to use for flying.

No tricks, no hidden charges, just good business.

Also, you can rest easy because the amount you put on the MAX card never expires and it’s fully refundable. So, unlike many other companies programs which hold your money hostage, your funds aren’t tied down or inaccessible and you won’t be charged any fees if you don’t use it fast enough.

Being a part of the Vault Aviation family is all about treating each other with respect and care, just like you would for your own family. And that means we love to treat you right and upgrade your cabin class whenever possible!

If we have the chance, we always upgrade you to make your private jet charter trip that much more relaxing, special, and memorable.

Why do we do this? Because we want you to have the best experience with us, and because we want you to feel like a MVP every time.

Start Your New Year with a MAX Jet Card

If you have questions about our MAX Jet Card program, then please don’t hesitate to call our friendly and knowledgeable team.

Want to know about our pricing, cabin classes, or aircraft capabilities? Check out our MAX Jet Card rates, which are all-inclusive of taxes and fees, and even more information here.

We can’t wait to hear from you and help plan your next business trip, family vacation, or getaway.

Start your New Year with Vault Aviation and our MAX Jet Card and Fly Like a Champion this year!