What Makes Vault Your Premier On Demand Private Jet Charter Company

Vault Aviation prides ourselves on being your premier On Demand private jet charter company – but what does that truly mean? And how are we making sure that we’re the best for you, every trip, every time?

Easy! By being a private jet charter broker, not the jet owners or operators. This means we put you first. We are transparent, well-connected, and looking out for you – not the jet owners and their bottom lines. That’s how we can get you the best jets, at the best prices, with the most luxury and flexibility.

Vault is Your On Demand Private Jet Charter Broker

Vault Aviation is a private jet charter brokerage. By that, we mean that we do not own or operate the aircraft that we charter. Instead, Vault has an extensive network of over 5,000 safety-audited aircraft around the world.

This matters because a broker that isn’t well connected or full-service may need you to coordinate with others – putting more stress on your trip and taking more time for planning and logistics. Think if you needed to book through multiple operators, and how much extra time and money that could cost you! Being able to use one full-service private jet charter broker that has all the connections and knowledge you need, makes your trip smoother from end to end. And that’s just what we offer.

And instead of us owning the private jet charters you fly on and therefore having our priorities split between you and our own profits, we only focus on you and your trip, your time, and your enjoyment. We aren’t trying to book one of our jets back to back to maximize our profits, instead, we search out the best deal for you, ensuring that you are our priority, and leveraging our many connections to find you the perfect private jet charter for your needs.

With Vault, Your Safety is Our Priority

While exceptional pricing and unmatched service are how we provide value to our clients, safety truly is our top priority.

With this in mind, we abide by the Platinum Rule: never book a client on a plane we wouldn’t board ourselves. Vault only sources aircraft from FAR Part 135 Charter Operators, and we mandate that they carry a minimum of $50,000,000 in insurance and show no history of damage or irregular maintenance events.

To protect the safety of you and your family, we exclusively charter aircraft that carry ARGUS or Wyvern safety ratings (or their foreign equivalents for international travel), and we perform our own independent audits of maintenance records and pilot credentials. From turboprops to heavy jets (and everything in between), all of our aircraft are flown by 2 highly qualified pilot crews.

Your safety in the air is our number one priority and Vault will only quote aircraft that meet our high standards, and only work with trusted connections in the private jet industry. We also only charter planes with 2 pilots, no single pilots, no cutting corners – no exceptions.

Vault is Transparent, Well-Connected & Here for You

Vault Aviation isn’t just another brokerage, or another private jet charter company, we are transparent and treat you like friends and family, caring about safety, value, and experience above all else.

We are the type of On Demand private jet charter you want to work with, because we are brokers (not owners looking out for our own bottom line and jet use) and we are well-connected, making your flights seamless and taking care of every aspect for you.

We have been recognized again and again for our service, our safety, and the ease in which we get you to your destination – and those are the reasons we are your premier On Demand private jet charter brokers.

Contact Vault today and see for yourself; and Fly Like a Champion next time you need a private jet flight anywhere in the US!